Herning Pengeskabsfabrik: Uniconta keeps track of the required info

“You are through to Herning Pengeskabsfabrik. Please hold.” A second later you hear a tune from the classic Danish comedy film, The Olsen Gang.  You smile and think: “Now the only thing left for them to do is to sell me an original Franz Jäger safety box.” And sell they can. The small Danish safe factory doesn’t just provide standard solutions for anything needing protection, they also place great importance on being able to deliver the exact individual solutions that customers are after. Uniconta assists them in this.

“Customers are always our first priority,” says partner and CEO Jef Jefsen from Herning Pengeskabsfabrik.  “So even though we have a large assortment of standard safety products ranging from safety boxes, fire cabinets, security doors and much more, we are proud to be able to produce and adapt individual solutions that meet the unique security needs of our customers. It’s part of our DNA to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.”

Uniconta gets the important details right

The company recently switched out its old C5 solution with the new Uniconta system. The new system needed to meet a wide range of requirements, but one of the most important was the effective flow of information right through from the quotation stage to delivery. All customer-facing employees need access to the same information once they are registered in the system – yet data must only be entered once.

“Errors are costly when it comes to products like ours. It can be expensive to correct them and it of course results in unsatisfied customers. For example, if you deliver an 800kg safety box to the wrong address just because the house number has been entered incorrectly, it is expensive to have it re-delivered. If the dimensions of a custom-built cabinet are incorrect, you need to start from scratch and build a new one,” explains Jef Jefsen.

“With Uniconta we have a one-string system, where all information that is entered follows the customer and the order. From order confirmation, delivery note to warehouse, production work card, shipping documents right through to the invoice. It’s extremely efficient,” he says.

Quick reaction time

At the same time, Uniconta enables traceability, which is also important for the safety box factory and its customers. Any detail about the customer and their orders must be easy to find, regardless of which employee needs them and where in the sales and delivery process it occurs. This ensures that one can respond quickly to customers.

According to Jef Jefsen, communication with debtors and creditors has also become easier. “With Uniconta we have up to 3 contacts with email addresses per customer. There is one for the invoice, one to send the quotation to and one to send order confirmations to. So regardless of which employee creates and sends them, it is sent to a pre-determined contact person.”

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