Inforevision A/S: Fast and efficient bank reconciliation

In her job as an external accounting consultant, bank reconciliation lies among the various tasks Merete Kærgaard solves. She believes Uniconta is a great solution for this specific task. When customers pay per hour, you are required to efficiently solve tasks with minimal time wasted. This sets expectations to the tools you use; Merete explains. Merete is an external accounting consultant at Inforevision A/S – an auditing and consulting house with 140 employees in Søborg, Denmark.

“I assist companies with their bookkeeping and their preparation for accounting and audit. My job therefore requires that I am highly adaptable when being introduced to different systems across companies. At Inforevision A/S, we typically serve small or medium-sized companies, and expectations are that I work efficiently. I have thus gained valuable insight on the accessibility and user-friendliness of the countless systems. I can easily say that Uniconta scores high on my list of preferred systems,” says Merete Kærgaard, who believes that the bank reconciliation within Uniconta is a great example of how easy it is.

Simple and efficient

“You collect entries from the bank and import them into Uniconta. There you can match them with the entries in the Uniconta bank account”, she explains. The automatic bank reconciliation matches the entries from the bank with entries in the Uniconta bank account after the entries have been posted. It becomes even easier as you are able to add account number, detailed text, and possible departments and dimensions into the bank reconciliation module. Then, with a single click, you can transfer all roles to the journal, where they are posted. And thus, the bank is reconciled.

“In the good old days, I would have reconciled by painstakingly writing checkmarks on two printouts, one from the bank and one from ERP system, or by reconciling a screenshot with bank records in the ERP system with the online bank. Now, matching the accounts is done electronically within Uniconta, so I can register and act on any differences immediately,” says Merete Kærgaard. She views this function as a great tool to deliver customers’ bookkeeping quickly and correctly.

Several bank accounts can be reconciled in Uniconta, and it is also possible to reconcile accounts in foreign currencies. Bank reconciliation is not the only advantage when using Uniconta, Merete Kærgaard states. The accessibility and user-friendliness of the system makes it further suitable for companies that do not normally spend much time on their ERP system.

A system for everyone

“My customers vary greatly. Some merely want the accounts and never wish to glance at the numbers, while others want to actively use the system and see the numbers. For the latter customer group, Uniconta is a particularly interesting option due to its user-friendly and intuitive system. The reports are logically structured, and it is generally an easy system to navigate within,” says Merete. She was introduced to Uniconta by a new customer, where she received a great handover, allowing her to use the system from day one without encountering difficulties.

“In general, we use our customer’s systems, but with new customers, we are able to recommend and influence their choice,” she explains. “Here we assess the customer’s needs, and conclude that Uniconta certainly is an impressive, new alternative to others on the market.”

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