Kólus: Uniconta is easy, fast and offers cloud solutions

Snorri Páll Jónsson, managing director of the confectionery company Kólus, is an educated systems engineer who for previously worked for many of Iceland’s tech giants, programming in world-renowned ERP systems – but when it came to the family business, Kólus, he opted for Uniconta.

Five years ago Snorri Páll took over from his father as the managing director of Kólus. His father, Jón Sigurður Kjartansson, who has turned 82, founded the confectionery business sixty years ago together with his two brothers.

Jón still shows up at the Kólus production facility in the suburbs of Reykjavik every morning – also on weekends – and is usually the first one. He is still a dominant figure in the business like he was when he started producing the licorice pipes and licorice rolls in the center of Reykjavik. He has played a pivotal role in developing some of Iceland’s most popular treats such as Þristur, Olsen and Kúlusúkk – harmonizing licorice and chocolate to deliver a magical taste that you can’t resist.

The System Engineer Who Opted for Uniconta

Snorri Páll says that a flexible and robust ERP system is essential to keep track of the business in the age digital technology. “I replaced our old accounting system and chose Uniconta because it’s user-friendly, easy, fast, flexible and not least, a cloud solution. It’s a system that suits us perfectly.”

He says it is critical to an ERP in the cloud where information and data is kept secure in case of damage to the equipment or facility. Storing the data in the cloud also ensures that employees can access the system from anywhere in the world and take care of business. “They just need to start the computer,” he adds, smiling.

“Another great advantage is how easy it is for everyone to learn how to use Uniconta. Most employees learn to use Uniconta in a matter of days. It’s easy to find the relevant information and resolve all daily tasks. “

Finally, Snorri Páll says that Uniconta is modern, flexible, and free of dull systemic interfaces. “It is user friendly and represents a new way of thinking; flexibility ensures that it can be adapted to the specific requirements of the business and tailored towards new business opportunities.”

He adds that Uniconta’s founder, Erik Damgaard, is a legendary systems architect who dazzled the world with Concorde XAL and Dynamics Ax – before selling the latter Microsoft. After years of absence from the ERP industry Erik launched his magnus opus: Uniconta.

Kólus Production Doubled in Twenty Years

Kólus has around twenty employees but the numbers have been dwindling in the last few years while production has doubled since the turn of the century. There is, of course, increased automation in the production, but use of large-scale digital technology to manage in finance, orders, inventory, customers with the Uniconta ERP system at center of things also plays a vital role.

There is intense competition in confectionery industry in Iceland including competition multinational confectionery giants as half of the candy sold in Iceland is imported. The good old kiosk has made way for supermarkets where most of the sales now take place.

When about potential exporting opportunities, Snorri Páll says it is under consideration. The market for confectionery in Northern Europe is developed and strong.

“We are an old-fashioned industrial company focusing on steady growth, taking good care of all aspects of the business, and taking meaningful steps in product development and sales campaigns while keeping risk at a minimum. Everlasting luck has served us well.

In the event of Kólus starting an export business, the Uniconta ERP system will play a vital role where it’s flexibility and adaptability will help us growing,” said Snorri Páll Jónsson.

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