Lehnsgaard: Financial management for connoisseurs

A few years ago, olive oil was the sole item used when the equivalent to Jamie Oliver set the pan on the stove for home cooking. But today, cold-pressed rapeseed oil ranks high on the charts at home and amongst professional chefs. This is due to Lehnsgaard Bornholm’s Oil Mill, which has since 2003 produced rapeseed oil and high quality mustard based on local ingredients from the sunshine island.

“It’s going really well,” says Henrik Kai Hansen, partner and responsible for sales within retail and the professional “food service” market. The market is made up of canteens, large kitchens, catering companies and more. “We needed to replace our out-dated C5 system with Uniconta, which is more compatible with current business demands.”

Rapeseed oil and the exclusive rapeseed germ oil account for 90% of the company’s turnover, while mustard and sauces account for the last 10%. Currently, our items are only sold in Denmark, but the goal is to supply rapeseed oil internationally.

Safety and easy access

Henrik Kai Hansen had two crucial requirements. Increased security was the first and access to the system – regardless of your location – was the second. “Backing up in our old system depended on us remembering to do it. We often put it off for too long. Since the majority of our customers are based outside of Bornholm, the ability to work directly in Uniconta when we are not in the office is significant.”

It became clear that we required a cloud-based system. The advantage of being in the cloud is that neither theft, fire or water damage can destroy valuable data. At the same time, you can easily log in from any location that has an Internet connection. During the consultation with the IT supplier Concept Data in Bornholm, the decision became Uniconta.

Inventory management is definitive

Right now, most of the basic features are in use. Among other things, Henrik is content with the numerous reporting tools, making it easy to work with numbers and creating presentations.

Before long, Uniconta’s inventory management module will also be initiated, he says. “We plan to become IFS certified. The certificate is a food safety standard that allows access to a wide range of European supermarket chains. One of the requirements is a complete inventory of all products and ingredients. Here, Uniconta’s Inventory module becomes a crucial tool.”

Quick implementation

Overall, Lehnsgaard Bornholm’s Oil Mill has used 30-40 hours to implement Uniconta. “It has been a relatively painless transition – even though not all employees were equally enthusiastic about the idea of ​​changing systems,” says Henrik Kai Hansen. “Uniconta is actually pretty easily learned, so the concern quickly passed.”