LLG Accounting: The ideal division of labor for smaller clients

The chimney sweeper, the local butcher, the hairdresser, the little shop owner or the craftsman must do what they are best at. That is the philosophy of the company LLG Accounting, which in turn promises to handle all bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and auditing. In order to ensure a good client experience, the company uses Uniconta’s invoicing user function, explains owner, Lise-Lotte Gårdred.

With a Uniconta invoicing user, customers can create quotes, place orders and do invoicing. They can also see their finances, their debtors, submit and view submitted invoices as well as approve documents. Only Lise-Lotte and her employees are responsible for bookkeeping, VAT reporting and annual accounts. This significantly minimizes the risk of error, but also enables Lise-Lotte and her staff to work as efficiently as possible.

Increased security

“The invoicing user creates security for both parties: My customers can print invoices and keep track of everything, but only I can post and solve additional tasks within the system. This eliminates me continuously double-checking if I have missed something important. It also simplifies the whole process when customers post vouchers without knowing the chart of accounts,” she says and emphasizes that there are also customers who are in complete control of the system.

From the customer’s point of view, the invoicing user allows them to follow multiple aspects of their business. “It is actually a great starting point when you – like us – operate as an external accountant, where we daily solve small problems and answer questions for our customers. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the customers we handle payroll for as we make sure to move invoices on an ongoing basis. They can easily identify potential errors in the process, for example in connection with new employees, new customers or special agreements.”

A close collaboration

For Lise-Lotte Gårdred, ensuring accurate bookkeeping and accounting for her customers is not just a business. It is rather a lifestyle where the key word is “we”. This word covers herself, her two part-time employees, the auditing firms she works closely with and their more than 60 clients with varying needs.

“Yes, I need an income to survive, but knowing that I am helping people is crucial to me. That you can support local companies and make good acquaintances means a lot to me – and in fact I probably work just as much with people as with numbers,” Lise-Lotte explains, who is Univisor and uses Uniconta in collaboration with customers.

The baker's children

The invoicing user is not the only feature she enjoys. “We prioritize our customers, which often resulted in us sending our invoices out too late. After an internal meeting regarding this issue, one of our employees noted that the time registration module in Uniconta was highly useful. We tried it out, and it has actually helped tremendously on our slightly sluggish invoicing habits”, Lise-Lotte Gårdred says.

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