myPallet: Less focus on administrative processes and more time for sales

myPallet is a digital tool for packaging management. The goal is to make it easy for myPallet’s customers to get an overview and keep track of their packaging expending, for example exchange pallets or the company’s own return packaging. The packaging accountancy is thus automatically updated through a paperless solution, benefitting both the environment and the wallet.

When myPallet launched, the company quickly experienced great interest in the product. This resulted in a great need for an IT solution that could gather the administrative tasks and create an overview.

Søren Madsen from myPallet explains: “At one point we agreed that it was time to get an ERP solution and a CRM solution. We were really busy and spent too much time on the administrative processes. We were looking for an all-in-one tool, but it was crucial that our needs were met and compromise was not an option.

One of our requirements was a tool that we easily could handle and quickly get started with. It was also significant for us that we could get all the information we need in our daily work into an easy and clear report form.”

More time for sales

Søren continues, “We chose Uniconta. This has made it possible for us to focus on sales, because we now have good sales reporting and easy and clear invoicing. The billing part is an important factor for a startup company like ours, where liquidity plays a major role. The CRM module helps both users and management with reporting from a-z, it helps the sellers with eg. managing their follow-up work and forfeit turnover on the individual customer.”

”In less than a year we have managed to surpass two million. kr. in turnover. We are often on the road, and rarely in the office, therefore, Uniconta has been an essential piece in our startup. Being a cloud-based solution, we always have access to all our data. The user guide for Uniconta is comprehensive and very easy to use, and we have received the best help from Consit Gruppen, which is our Uniconta supplier,” Søren concludes.


myPallet was created by Søren Madsen and Søren Finseth with the aim of minimizing the transport chain’s costs in connection with packaging management, increase the recycling of the same packaging type and thus sparing the natural resources.

myPallet offers market-leading and contemporary software that simplifies the administrative tasks with control of transport packaging. myPallet software helps users see and document the administrative savings of the company’s packaging flow and eliminate the loss of transport packaging.