Nettrælasten A/S: Uniconta ensures maximum flexibility

Nettrælasten A/S in Bording, Denmark includes both a timber store with a high degree of individual service and a digital shop. The two different business concepts are based on the same financial system. This is solely due to Uniconta’s flexibility and adaptable functions accommodating the special requirements in each business area, says Anders Høst, sous-chef of Nettrælasten A/S.

The entire team handles both business concepts in a joint financial system. This was implemented in May 2020, where Uniconta replaced a C5 system. It was the prospect of common and fundamental benefits that drove the decision, says Anders Høst:

“Basically, Uniconta is a flexible and user-friendly system. It is easy to customize and change the setup to match the specific work tasks. For example, we work with customized screen layouts, so the individual employee has the exact functions that suits their tasks. Customizing is so simple that we can do it ourselves without external assistance.”

Access to everything

Another crucial factor was the relationship between quotation, order and requisition to our supplier. In Uniconta, you can search for almost all criteria and easily identify the information you need, he explains. “You can also save documents, such as a shop drawing, on the order, allowing you to easily find it again when the customer returns. This has ensured that working from home has become painless – basically everything you need is easily retrieved when talking to customers or suppliers.”

Although the two business concepts of the company are quite different, they both benefit from the fundamental advantages of Uniconta. is a classic timber cargo that handles complex orders with a high degree of personal assistance. Among other things, the salespeople make sure that you do not miss anything when you commence your project. A special roof calculator provides a complete overview of materials for a roof renovation, but price and delivery are always agreed by email or phone.

“We typically talk about unwieldy products, where manual effort is required to calculate freight and arrange delivery,” Anders Høst explains. is an online store selling uncomplex goods and large amounts of heating oil, diesel and oil. Here, customers order and pay directly online, as in any other workshop. Yet, this is not the case when it comes to oil products. Here, works with a special solution developed in Uniconta.

Unique solution

“Even if a customer orders 1000 liters of heating oil, they may only receive 950 liters. That’s why we at Uniconta work with an automated solution that registers the actual delivery, keeps it up against the original order, which automatically indicates the correct quantity when invoicing. Everything is automated and digitized, ensuring increased efficiency by avoiding the manual processes that were required beforehand,” says Anders Høst.

The paperless office

He also explains how the company has almost become paperless. For example, it was previously common practice to print out the order for heating oil and write notes about, for example, delivery – with a high risk that important information disappeared or was incorrectly archived. This is no longer necessary as we now handle 99% of the processes digitally.

“After a year, we feel that we have a proper overview of Uniconta,” Anders Høst concludes. “The next thing we expect to address is most likely the inventory management and printing of freight labels, where we also expect Uniconta to make an important difference.”

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