Ole Almeborg A/S: Flexible financial management for efficient export sales

If you are looking for someone to carry the heavy load, then Ole Almeborg A/S is a great option. The machine factory, located on Bornholm, Denmark, produces pallet lifters, pallet trucks and other internal transport equipment for all types of industrial purposes. Their high expertise and quality have led to their products being sold worldwide. With 70 employees, it is amongst the largest workplaces on the beautiful island of Bornholm. When they sought out to find a financial management system to take on the task, the choice fell on Uniconta.

As their old C5 system became outdated, Ole Almeborg A/S began to look for a replacement. Their local IT provider, offered them a demo of Uniconta, and after assessing the alternatives, Uniconta proved to be the right solution given its functionality and pricing.

“The closest alternative to Uniconta also seemed like a great solution, but the only issue was the price being 3-4 times more expensive. When regarding the financial aspects, it became an easy decision,” explains CFO Annika Larsen, who i.a. appreciates the ability to do global searches in Uniconta.

Flexibility is essential

“From my point of view, the flexibility is undoubtedly the biggest gain. I can set up Uniconta with the exact screenshots I need, deselect unwanted columns and add new ones, all making my work processes easier. Besides, my colleagues are also able to customize based on their needs. It is essential for the efficiency and job satisfaction. Of course, I miss all the shortcuts I had memorized after many years with the C5 system. But give me six months and I will have a proper grasp of all the new ones in Uniconta,” she promises.

Control over stock and production

Ole Almeborg A/S produces both finished transport equipment and spare parts. Often it involves rather complicated sub-processes and the consumption of many materials. To keep track of this, the company has compiled lists of parts with up to 16 BOM levels in Uniconta. They describe the various sub-processes, e.g., welding, polishing, painting and deburring, and list all the necessary materials required.

“Once the order has been placed, the production managers can easily identify the needed components and whether they are available. Uniconta handles a large part of the reorder, where we can define minimum and maximum stocks within the warehouse. The reorder function automatically places orders for approval or advises the buyers that now is the time to react,” Annika explains.

“It is crucial to be at the forefront, so production does not cease. As the factory is located on an island, ordering forgotten goods can take immensely long being delivered.”

Price lists in many variants

For an export company with customers across globe, individual adaptation by country, currency and relationship is crucial. That is why Annika and her colleagues work with a large number of price lists that vary according to currency – e.g., Danish or Swedish kroner, Euros and Dollars. The lists also vary according to the agreement with customers, be it based on volume, standard prices or other price arrangements.

“Finally, we do it all in two languages ​​- English and Danish. This applies to order confirmations, orders and invoicing. It wouldn’t be difficult for Uniconta to work in several languages, but we have chosen to settle for these two as our customers are used to English. Had we sold to private individuals, we would probably use the respective language in each country, I think,” says Annika Larsen, who is looking forward to getting started with the dashboard feature, which is an important function in Uniconta.

“Availability is high in Uniconta, but by using dashboards we can increase the overview and get even more out of the data we have in the system. So it’s high on my to-do list.”

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