Partner Revision: Digital vouchers ensured a smooth Corona shutdown

Six months prior to Denmark closing due to the Corona-virus, the Danish auditing firm Partner Revision had switched from C5 to Uniconta. One of the features Uniconta offered was digital vouchers, including the approval and handling of scanned vouchers. This proved to be significantly more important than they anticipated, when up to 180 employees from eight offices were suddenly sent home and had to work from home – including administration and bookkeeping.

“Had we still worked with folders and physical documents when the corona shutdown hit us, the accounting hassle would have been enormous” says director Lone Wulff Larsen, who is in charge of administration and finance for all Partner Revision’s offices. She was also the front runner of the implementation of Uniconta, where, in her opinion, the approval of scanned documents is one of the most time-saving features in her daily work.

A combined inbox

Today, the accounting department receives all creditor invoices electronically in the same Uniconta inbox. Up to 90% of them are sent directly in pdf format, but scanned documents can be downloaded into Uniconta in multiple ways.

From the inbox, they are sorted and sent on for approval to the relevant employees. This is done via email, from which employees can approve, add comments and if needed, refuse to approve with an explanation. Uniconta allows you to choose between one or two approvers, depending on the relevant security level.

Goodbye to crumpled documents

“In practice, the transition to digital vouchers eliminated all our problems when running the daily operations exactly as we used to. But if the Coronavirus had come a year earlier, it would undeniably have made circumstances much more difficult for us,” Lone Wulff Larsen says.

She explains that they switched from C5 to Uniconta in October 2019 after having contributed to the development of some of Uniconta’s key features. Among other things, they provided input on how the approval flow on supplier invoices could be streamlined and improved in terms of documentation. “Uniconta listened to us and it was incorporated into the system.”

Partner Revision has expanded the easy handling of supplier invoices, so it is also used in connection with internal expenses. “Today, we have been instructed by our employees to scan in the crumpled vouchers from their expenses and send them to us, so they end up in the same inbox as the supplier invoices. From there, they are sent for approval and once approved, we can immediately transfer money to their payroll account. This minimizes the risk of mistakes such as the accumulated vouchers in the office drawers that suddenly appear on the bookkeeping desk. It also ensures that employees get their expenses reimbursed much faster than before.”

Easy and accessible

“For us, Uniconta is one of the pieces in a more comprehensive effort to digitize our workflows and business processes. This will e.g., allow us to work from home completely without barriers. There is merely one thing we refuse to change. We insist on the personal operation of the telephones in all our offices. Our customers should not be stuck on the phone with a robotic voice telling them to press four for personal assistance.”

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