Pivot Partner: External accounting department based on digital efficiency

Pivot Partner Bookkeeping and Accounting in Fredensborg are specialists in accounting and financial management for small and medium-sized companies. They focus on digital efficiency using Uniconta with a personal touch. The personal touch is Pivot Partner contributing with eight highly skilled and empathetic employees. It is the combination of different factors that makes it very attractive to outsource the accounting service, says Karin Bliksted. She is partner and director of the company. Pivot Partner is a Uniconta Univisor, advising companies when converting to Uniconta from other systems and handling their daily bookkeeping.

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“Many companies only need a part-time bookkeeper, thus leaving employees without the professional sparring and exchange of knowledge and competences with colleagues who need to stay up to date. Our customers have a stable contact that is rooted in a professionally strong environment and knows the company. The customer only pays for the time they use. There is always a backup for our clients during holidays and sickness – and if needed, they can also utilize our financial manager services,” she explains.

This model has been a success for Pivot Partner, which in 2015 was named a Gazelle, having doubled their revenue over a four-year period.

Uniconta was the missing piece

Søren Hinsch is a senior finance consultant and, together with Karin Bliksted, forms the dynamic duo that advises clients at the financial manager level. He sees Uniconta as the perfect match for Pivot Partner and their targeted customer segment:

“Uniconta fills the gap between the small, basic systems and the large, complex financial systems. It is more capable than smaller systems and at the same time it doesn’t overcomplicate with the various features that are never used within large financial systems. Some of our customers run it all through us without request for access, whereas others have their own Uniconta license and we have access.

We find that, in both cases Uniconta generally covers most needs and works well with other systems/ apps when it comes to integration and file transfers.”

What is important for professionals?

“Our primary requirement was a modern, cloud-based system with all digital capabilities conceived at a reasonable price. It had to be a system that ensured efficiency and made a noticeable difference for our customers,” explains Karin. Søren adds:

“For example, easy access wherever you are, high reliability and uncomplicated automatic backups. The combination of easy integration with other systems/ apps and the ability to have all documents digitally in the system matters most to our customers and us.”

Univisor is expertise

Like other consultant and bookkeeping companies, Pivot Partner has, as mentioned, chosen a closer affiliation with Uniconta. This provides countless benefits within support and the ability to integrate systems with the customer and the company performing the financial tasks. They therefore have the status of Univisor.

“It offers some practical benefits when completing tasks for others. It also means we can offer advice and practical help to the companies that are about to convert to a new financial system. We can assist them in the startup phase of Uniconta, and we can take care of numerous practical tasks that ensure data and history are safely transferred from one system to another,” says Karin.

Read more about Pivot Partner bookkeeping and accounting at: www.pivotpartner.dk