Pureday: Entrepreneur goes from spreadsheet financial management to Uniconta

When Pureday moved over to Uniconta, Financial inventory management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) were important elements of the new system for them. Just like the beauty and skin care products they sell, the ‘ingredients’ are essential. Pureday delivers organic products based on natural goods to stores throughout the Nordics. Good for the consumer, good for the environment and good for the South African women who, for example, collect baobab fruits right in their local area.

Organic products are popular and Pureday is doing very well. That’s why they needed a new financial system to keep track of it all. “It was important for us to find a solution that could link our inventory management to our CRM but also one that had an effective purchasing module as well as customer and vendor accounting. This was also essential in helping us to handle our customer dunning and collection processes effectively,” explains owner of Pureday, Jette Jacobsen.

Accessibility and range

Jette Jacobsen is a former chief accounting officer and has worked with other accounting systems such as Navision and C5. She returned home from South Africa six years ago, after having lived there for some time. Jette founded Pureday when she arrived back in Denmark and simply used Excel spreadsheets to manage her business in the early start-up years.

“We gradually reached a size that required much greater transparency and administration than our simple spreadsheets could provide us with. I began scanning the market for financial systems. It turned out that Uniconta had the breadth I was looking for – at the right price. An open system was also important to us because it allows us to easily customize the solution to our individual needs.”

Open systems provide better solutions

The ability to adapt the system to individual needs is illustrated, for example, in the  picking lists that Pureday’s external warehouse receives every day when orders are sent. “With the help of our IT provider, Microcom, we have made some adjustments, which means that we can export data to a CSV file from Uniconta. The file can then be imported directly into our warehouse system. The warehouse staff can then pick, pack and ship today’s orders to the Nordic countries that we supply. It is both effective and reliable and a very good example of Uniconta’s ability to communicate with almost any other IT system,” says Jette Jacobsen.

A webshop without complications

Recently, Pureday expanded the company to include a webshop. Their primary sales still lie within the retail business, however with the new webshop, Pureday is able to introduce customers to their entire collection in one place. The different systems also work well together in the maintaining the webshop.

“Orders in the webshop are automatically sent to Uniconta, where they are treated in almost the same way as the normal orders from retail customers around the Nordic area. We have made some minor adjustments, for example, we can choose to pack and ship items ourselves rather than sending them from the warehouse. We can otherwise maintain our normal administrative processes, so there is no confusion between the two different systems.”