Syddansk Tagdækning: Managing administration and projects

Systematic workflows, common overview and effective project management were the definitive factors when Syddansk Tagdæking A/S switched to Uniconta. The headquarters of the 12-year-old company are placed in Rødekro, Denmark, close to the German border and therefore delivers roof solutions throughout Southern Jutland. The company employs about 30 people who are more than busy, so the CEO’s main challenge is getting new employees.

 “There would be enough work for 10 new employees if we had them. Unfortunately, the lack of skilled labour is substantial, so up to 1/3 of our employees have been recruited from south of the border – primarily Germany, but also Poland,” says CEO and partner Lars Slipsager Reugboe.

A signal to the outside

The undeniable importance of attracting qualified employees had an impact on the company’s decision to switch its ERP-system to Uniconta:

“We came from Summa Summarum, which was an older single-user system that no longer updates. The ambition was to streamline our workflows, but it was also significant to show an effective and modern profile to customers, partners and not least potential employees.

We know from experience that especially our young employees, who have many opportunities in our industry, simply don’t choose us if we are unable to present ourselves with an up-to-date and digital profile.”

Fast conversion of data

After contacting Uniconta with some clarifying questions, Lars contacted Kontor Syd in Sønderborg, a local Uniconta reseller. “Everything sounded very reasonable – among other things, the price was especially reasonable compared to the competitors. We also needed a quick migration from the old to the new system and we achieved that! Kontor Syd converted all data to Uniconta within a couple of weeks – and then we were basically ready.”

Accounting and VAT accounting is outsourced to a local company, so it is primarily project management and offers that increase the daily productivity of Syddansk Tagdæking A/S. Lars Slipsager Reugboe sees it as a remarkable professionalization of daily routines:

“We minimize the risk of errors and save time. For example, the Uniconta project module makes it easy to compare budgets to the current status of a project. This means that we can intervene early if particular challenges occur during a project. It has also become far easier making a post-calculation on a completed project. In the past, it easily took 20-30 minutes. Today we just press a button and we have it in less than five seconds,” he explains.

Overview and time saving

The offer functionality also gives the roofing company a full overview of their pipeline of orders. “We haven’t had that before, and it means a great deal in terms of planning. We need to be sure that we have employees to solve the tasks before we say yes to new orders,” Lars explains and continues:

“Besides, the purchase orders in Uniconta also help save time. As soon as a price is agreed, we will send a purchase order. Once registered, we have control of account payment and part billing, which in the past was something that required time. With Uniconta, we can also distinguish between extra work billing and account invoicing. It provides a more accurate and up-to-date basis and prevents misunderstandings between the customer and us.”

Overview over every project

With Uniconta, Syddansk Tagdækning has managed the administration and finances, although there are still various opportunities they have yet to seize. If Lars Slipsager Reugboe were to emphasize which feature he especially appreciates in the new system, it would be the value of being able to gather information in one place:

“Before, we required four employees creating the customer in each system. Now it’s the first employee to engage with the customer who creates the profile – and then everything is stored in the same place and with the same master data. We also put guarantee certificates and contracts under the project, so if the customer calls after 2 years, we still have a complete overview. This has made our case management highly effective.”