Technoflex: More efficient CRM and order management with Uniconta

“Overall, we save time and have become far more efficient. Especially when it comes to sales and customer service, ” says Søren Mortensen, CEO of the company Technoflex, located in Them near Silkeborg, Denmark. “We replaced our old C5-system with Uniconta, which has resulted in smoother financial management. We have first and foremost, significantly moved on CRM and order management where document processing gives us completely new opportunities.”

Technoflex is a small, highly specialized supplier of couplings, which also has agencies on a wide range of machine elements for fluids and engines. These include hydraulic plants in the wind power and offshore industry.

The company primarily serves Danish customers, but sells to countries across the globe. Among other things, own production of magnetic couplings has meant numerous new customers in Sweden and Germany. “You could probably categorize us as a nerd company,” Søren Mortensen explains.

Strengthening outreach sales

However, even nerd companies need to work to find new customers and retain existing ones. Currently they are working on finding “twins” for their existing customers.

“If we solve a particular problem for a sewage company, we then contact other sewage companies to see if they posses the same challenges,” Søren Mortensen explains.

He elaborates, “With Uniconta’s CRM module we can work methodically with our prospects. Among other things, it is easy to register all contacts, follow-ups, inquiries, contacts, offers etc., so we continuously have an overview of our relationship with the customer. In outreach work it is crucial that all employees have the ability to get the full overview.”

“One of the great advantages is the simplicity of recording and storing information and data. For example, you simply drag a document from an email and place it directly in to the customer folder. You can name the document as needed, provide an additional explanation and, moreover, see who submitted it and when they did. All in all, it gives the employees a great overview and helps us act dynamically and service-oriented in relation to the customers.”

The CRM module allows you to build lists that categorize leads, debtors, and contacts by Interests and Products. This means that the company can target its activities and campaigns to the needs and demand of different customer groups.

Smooth and efficient order management

Technoflex has become better at attracting new customers while the handling of specific orders has also become more efficient. The order management functions in Uniconta have many of the same benefits as the CRM function.

Only they are aimed at existing customers and day-to-day cooperation, says Søren Mortensen. Especially the easy document management saves precious hours of everyday life.

“An example could be, when we have to deliver a customized solution to a customer. Typically, a calculation and drawing is included that together specify and document the current solution. We create this with an item number in the order system, so we can search for it by number, customer name, time and always find the background material that underlies a given solution,” he explains.

“This allows us to quickly follow up on a customer who has been given a unique and specialized solution. We are able to do so merely by looking up the order system, where all relevant documents and data are gathered. Before, we had to spend time and effort gathering information from old emails, drawings, calculations that could be stored multiple places. Information was often retrieved after searching through mind-boggling pathfinder systems where the same archiving criteria was not maintained.”

Clear the tasks where it suits you

The next step for Technoflex is utilizing the warehousing and logistics part of Uniconta, where Søren Mortensen is convinced they will achieve furthermore process improvements and timesaving. He is also grateful for choosing a cloud-based solution.

“Whether I am sitting in my cottage on Samsø, Denmark, in a hotel room in Germany or in the office in Them, I can access the same information and work freely on the platform. Both when it comes to external tasks or our own financial and accounting functions. We no longer have to worry about server crashes or viruses of some sort.”

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