Delidrengene: Tracking a delicatessen with a finanincial overview

Delidrengene is a Danish delicatessen, selling both their own branded products as well as select quality products made by other manufacturers. The company focuses on excellent quality – preferably produced and packaged in a creative and innovative way. Delidrengene rarely compromises – and they weren’t about to start when they set out to find a new financial management solution. Their choice was Uniconta.

The unassuming and relaxed company’s target market is primarily retailers, but also restaurants and canteens. Their annual turnover is about 30 million Danish Kroner and they employ 15 people on both a part time and full time basis. As the business started to grow, they found they needed more financial management options than their old financial management solution was able to offer. With help from their it-supplier, Change ERP, they decided to make the switch from e-conomics to Uniconta.

Costs and inventory control

”We needed greater flexibility in managing our costs, as well as the potential to focus more on efficient inventory management. Uniconta’s inventory management module offers a solution to some of our old issues. For example, we have a Swedish subsidiary which holds products in our Danish warehouse. This had created some confusion in our old system, which we now expect to be able completely overcome with the new system,” says Morten Rasmussen, one of the business owners who has been with the company since it was founded seven years ago. “We also have a much easier time registering new orders with Uniconta,” he continues.

Reports that provide a great overview

Morton’s primary focus, however, is the overall business management side of things and for this he needs to have access to a constant overview. ”Obviously, it’s important for me to be on top of exactly where we are making a profit and how we are making a profit. I need to be on top of the direction that the business is taking, and where we need to focus more on optimizing our daily processes,” he says.

”We create a lot of reports that help us track whether the business is running as it should. Uniconta provides a great platform for us to do so because it is so easy to use. We can change the parameters to show almost any aspect of the business that we need to. Since the system is so accessible, we can quickly and easily get an overview of every nook and cranny of the business, as well detect patterns that would otherwise be hard to spot.”

No time to loose

Retail is a fast-paced business. When a business has high service goals, they need to keep up to speed on all fronts. Delidrengene certainly didn’t waste time implementing the new Uniconta-system.

”We spent one day on an introductory course, and then we just got going with Uniconta. Of course, we experienced a few issues and we needed to ask questions, but we were pretty much live by day 2,” laughs Morten. He also admits that this may just show the general impatience in character of this untraditional, yet ambitious, competitor on the delicatessen scene.