V. Meyer A/S: Flexible reporting ensures high customer service

Since 1907, the trading company V. Meyer A/S has imported and traded quality products within tile roofs, facade bricks and natural shale on the professional market. With headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark, the company’s 14 employees serve dealers and craft companies throughout the country. Today, financial management and reporting are done with Uniconta, which recently replaced the previous C5 system.

If you ask accounting manager Anita Nielsen, a good financial system must contribute to all the company’s functions and processes. She believes it must provide value beyond the basic requirements for managing the company’s finances.

“As an example, Uniconta makes data availability easier across the organization. This strengthens many of our daily processes – not least our sales and customer service, where we constantly strive to give customers a premium service experience,” she says. Furthermore, Nielsen regularly collaborates with the IT partner Morsing Data, which has delivered Uniconta.

Targeted information

The dissemination of data is done through e.g., the dashboard function in Uniconta, which Anita uses to prepare easily accessible and updated reports for the employees who have customer contact. “I prepare the reports and put them on the menu bars in the various directories, so the employees have easy access to them,” she explains.

“Often revenue overviews for a given customer in a given period are used, but Uniconta allows us to deep-dive and, for example, split it up into products, if relevant. Conveying the results in the most sensible form is undemanding. Should it be pie charts, bars or lists? You merely choose what suits the recipients and the purpose.”

Reporting via dashboard takes place within a given period, but the individual employee can change the period if he or she needs it. We can also run comparisons with, for example, the same period in previous years, if needed, she explains.

Integration with other systems

Easy dissemination of data provides value to the organization, but it is also important that the financial system can work with other vital systems. For example, V. Meyer A/S uses the document management system Irises, which in collaboration with Uniconta automates the process for receiving goods and approving invoices.


“We receive the invoices in Irises, which then automatically picks up the purchase order from Uniconta. The purchasing department approves the individual product lines, and the system automatically checks that there is a correspondence between invoice and delivery. If this is the case, we can approve the delivery and put the goods in stock. All without physical attachments and redundant processes.”

The need is developing

However, Anita Nielsen does not believe that V. Meyer today exploits all opportunities in Uniconta. “It is a system that grows on us as we get to know it. It is fair to say that our need for Uniconta increases as we see more possibilities.”

In general, she believes that Uniconta is clear, user-friendly and flexible. Not only because navigation and user experience are so close to the programs you otherwise use – e.g., Excel.

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