Wauv A/S: From paper receipts to digitized processes

Wuav A/S delivers professional AV solutions to a large part of the Danish business community. They provide advanced equipment for video meetings and conferences, presentation technology for cultural centers, outdoor screens for signage or concerts etc. Regardless of their technological know-how, the company first switched their outdated DOS-system and paper-heavy processes out with Uniconta in 2019. This served as the beginning of a comprehensive digitization of their business processes.

“Our customers made us realize that our processes were not durable. Our technicians were operating with pen and paper when registering their time and consumption of materials. As our projects grew, our standardized service forms could no longer include all the necessary check boxes. We therefore decided to use a mobile-based system, saving us time and ensuring payment for all spare parts and consumables we used,” says director Michael Tonnesen, who is also the owner of Wuav.

Welcome to Uniconta

Thus, began Michael’s search of a time registration software that fulfilled all his requirements. At 2do IT, Denmark he found what he sought. The company had developed an eTimer as an add-on solution to Uniconta. “It encompassed all our needs and only worked alongside their recommended ERP system. We therefore had to rid ourselves of the system our accountant had appreciated for 30 years.”

Of course, taking the plunge was not without complications. Even with the experienced difficulties in mind, the reward of changing systems is huge, he emphasizes. Overall, the switch to Uniconta has digitized the business and virtually all processes e.g., offers and orders. Previously, an offer was first prepared in an Excel sheet. Then the order was created in the project management system, which eventually was set up in the DOS-based financial system, ready to be invoiced. There were three independent systems with partial integration. Now, Uniconta ties the systems seamlessly together into one system.

“Combining the systems is one of the greatest advantages. We have also professionalized communication to our customers, who now receive uniform offers, sales order confirmations and invoices from us. I have gained an overview of the business with clear dashboards. This includes a 30-day overview, where VAT, salary and withholding tax are set up against debtors, so I can closely follow our financial situation,” he says.

Countless benefits

“Uniconta also assists us in managing our purchases, ensuring that we buy products at the agreed price. We often sell many units with a limited profit per item. It is therefore crucial that the purchasing price is correct. We operate in a highly competitive market, where optimizing all the small margins is crucial if you are to increase profits against competitors. Often, time is the costliest factor. Uniconta minimizes wasted time for salespeople and technicians, but also ensures a faster response rate and a higher level of service delivered to our customers.”

The next step for Michael and his 12 employees is incorporating their inventory management with Uniconta. He aims to have more goods in stock without tying too much money into it.

“If we can manage a larger and more complex warehouse, we can further reduce the waiting time from sales order to delivery. As the famous Danish entrepreneur, Christian Stadil, once said in the TV show, the Lion’s Den: Time is the most precious thing we have.”

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