KH-Technic: Improved inventory management allows wholesaler more time for growth

KH-Technics sells solenoid valves, pneumatics, tubes and other fittings and has customers ranging from cement factories to dentist chair manufacturers. The company is growing rapidly and has around two thousand products on hand, making inventory management rather a challenge. All this led to the wholesaler deciding to switch their ERP-system to Uniconta.

”The large number of products we now deal with made it necessary for us to find a more advanced inventory management system than our old solution, e-conomic,” explains Kenn Hansen, owner and managing director of KH-Technic. ”We scanned the market thoroughly and finally ended up choosing Uniconta. The system had far more options than the smaller systems but there was no need to include a bunch of unnecessary features for a company of our size. We also found the price to be fair.”

Managing every shelf

One of the advantages of Uniconta’s inventory management module is the ability to follow the product all the way to the shelf. ”With our previous system, we could only follow the products to a certain location i.e. we could only check to see if we had the products somewhere in a particular warehouse. Now, we are able to track and find a product on a specific shelf. The system even lets us know if we place the same product on two different shelves. There is no more time wasted chasing products all over the warehouse,” says Kenn Hansen.

In addition to improved inventory management efficiency, Kenn is also happy with the increased flexibility which makes it easy to customize standards and formatting in the system. All of these customizations have been set up for the company by their Uniconta reseller, 2changeerp. Delivery notes, order forms, and procurement procedures are now tailormade to meet KH-Technic and its five employees’ needs. The daily accounting is handled by KH-Technic’s auditor who has been with the company since before they made the switch to Uniconta.

Cash flow management

“Efficient cash management was high on our wish list.  We’ve had good growth both this year and last and cash flow can be a challenge for us, since we frequently wait 3-4 months for payments to come through. 2changeerp has helped us to integrate a cash management program with Uniconta,” explains Kenn.

Kenn Hansen has, however, chosen to stick to the CRM-program he is already using for the marketing side of the business. ”It has a broader offering in terms of handling potential customers than the marketing module currently offered by Uniconta,” he says. ”However, when Uniconta updates its CRM module I will definitely switch to use that module too. The advantages of working in just the one system are major.”

Next stop: Webshop

KH-Technic is planning to introduce a web-shop in 2019. The shop will be integrated with Uniconta to make invoicing part of the general system. ”It’s not a small task, since personalised consulting is one of our most important competitive advantages and that isn’t easy to transfer that aspect to the web. Still, it’s important for us to tie the web-shop and Uniconta together in order to avoid any daily accounting challenges.”