Sikkens Center Motshagen merges 3 administration systems at 5 sites into Uniconta

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Sikkens Center Motshagen BV supplies high quality paint and non-paint products to the professional user. They differentiate themselves by delivering just that little bit more in terms of service and quality. Sikkens Center Motshagen originated from the two Motshagen Glas en Verf BV sites in Naarden and Hilversum, Paint Center Eemnes and the two Sikkens Centers in Almere and Hilversum. The shops serve the professionals in ‘t Gooi and the South-Western part of Flevoland.

Merge 3 different systems into one on-line ERP platform

There were three different administration systems being used across the company sites being acquired. Two sites worked with SAP, one with Microsoft Dynamics AX and two with Basta, a standard solution with additional tailor-made solutions.

The acquisitions meant that real-time stock level information was now needed across all 5 sites.

Evert van Uffelen, owner and Director at Sikkens Center Motshagen, set out looking for a suitable solution and his search led him to Keda Consult.

“In January I gathered together all of my my requirements and wishes and began investigating which solution best suited all five sites. My search led me to find Keda Consult, who advised me to implement Uniconta, an online ERP platform” Evert van Uffelen explains.

“The system instantly clicked for both organizations and we started the implementation in mid-March.”

Challenge to ENSURE correct invoices SENT after transition to new system

Our biggest challenge with the implementation, was getting the various customer price agreements into the new system.

“My biggest concern was being able to send the right invoices with the correct prices to customers after the implementation. Customers should under no circumstances be negatively affected by our transition to a new system”, says Evert van Uffelen.

“Here at Keda Consult, we have worked on a daily basis, to make sure that the large amount of data is exported from the three different systems and imported into Uniconta correctly. Sikkens Center Motshagen now has access to all the necessary Uniconta modules for a wholesaler to be able to deliver the correct items.”, says Gert de Vries, Project Manager & Business Consultant at Keda Consult.

real-time information oN AVAILABLE stock per branch AT ANY TIME

Having combined the various administration systems into one across the five sites, Sikkens Center Motshagen now has an overview of the available stock per site at any time. If a product is not available at one site, then it is possible to see, real-time, where the customer can pick up the product or request the stock to be moved between the sites. The stock movements between the various sites are then accounted for directly in Uniconta.

Plugins complement standard functionality in Uniconta

Many of the customer invoices sent by Sikkens Center Motshagen are collective invoices and also take account of counter sales. Keda Consult has installed ‘plugins’ available from their sister company, Adlevo, to support this required functionality in Uniconta, . The plugin ‘FlxVerzamel invoices’ and the’FlxBarcodeOrder’ scan solution perfectly take care of this required functionality.

The latter plugin makes it possible to place the articles on the order into Uniconta, using a barcode scanner. The items are added by recognizing the EAN number and are thereby debited into the stock holding. Site reps scan the products that are sold and then collective invoices are prepared once a week/per month.

“After implementing the three systems to Uniconta, 98% of our customers are satisfied with the invoice they receive. Together we have acheived a great performance in just 2.5 months!”, Says Evert van Uffelen.

“Because of the open structure that the online ERP platform, Uniconta, offers, Keda Consult can easily provide the required additional functionality using plugins. The Uniconta APIs (Application Programming Interface) allow users tailor the system to their needs and these modifications continue to be accessible with every new version released by Uniconta. This way, our customers are always able to run most recent version “, says Gert de Vries.

OperatING all Motshagen business activities from one system

New functionalities are currently being tested. For example, customers will be offered the opportunity to pay by direct debit. An EDI file will be sent daily (per site) to the supplier (s) with the sales of the previous day. The automation of these processes saves employees at Sikkens Center Motshagen a lot of time.

Our employees are enthusiastic about working with Uniconta. Once the project is complete, our employees will find that working with Uniconta as a new administrative system is even more ‘personal’. Once they have the knowledge to operate the system, they will be also able to support the future implementation of the new ‘project’ module and the intended roll-out to our Glass division of Motshagen Glas BV. This will ensure that all business activities of Motshagen Glas BV are then conducted in one system.

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