P.E. Larsen A/S: The right decision at the right time

Being at the forefront of the latest plumbing technology has made P.E. Larsen A/S a well-renowned company in its field in the South Zealand village of Baarse and beyond. This philosophy also proved beneficial from a financial and operational standpoint, when the company decided to replace their old Navision financial system with Uniconta which better met their needs.

”The old ERP system we used for managing projects and orders was not improved as promised and we got tired of paying far too much money to keep it up to date. We decided to search for two new systems that we could combine to meet our needs. They needed to be easy to integrate, easy to use and, most importantly, less costly,” explains Carsten Larsen, managing director and part of the second generation to run the over fifty year old family-owned company.

Strong integration

With the help of their reseller, Nova IT, the company decided to combine a system called Minuba for projects and order management with Uniconta for financial management. So far, the integration has worked out perfectly, says Carsten Larsen, who really appreciates how easy Uniconta is to use in his daily work. For example, he finds it much easier to create precisely the reports he needs to stay on top of the company finances, across its four offices and 25 employees.

A vital part of the company’s decision to switch to Uniconta, was that the financial management module included all of the features that Carsten Larsen and his colleagues were looking for, even in the standard version. ”We were fed up of all the waiting time and the expensive programming hours required every time we wanted to make a minor change in our system,” explains Carsten Larsen.

Uniconta won the test

Medea Tegner was responsible for the hands-on evaluation and testing of the ERP systems that were selected as candidates. Medea heads up the accounting department and has experience with several ERP solutions from previous jobs. First, she tested the trial versions available for each of the selected candidates.

”I hadn’t worked with Uniconta before, but the system still came out on top. The solution has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it doesn’t bother the user with tons of additional features you don’t need. I got a really good overview of the system, right from the get go. It felt really good to work with such an efficient system. I didn’t have to waste time on hidden menus or figure out odd ways of doing things. It’s also easy to customize various formats to your liking, without constantly having to ask for help,” says Medea Tegner.

Room for growth

Medea also sees the future advantage in choosing Uniconta since it comes with an optional inventory management module, which, in time, may become a useful additional feature for P.E. Larsen A/S. The prospect of future growth quickly differentiated the last two contenders; e-conomic and Uniconta. ”In e-conomic we were already in the large company category which would make it difficult for the system to cope if our business expands further. Whereas Uniconta still allows us to expand to the next level,” Medea Tegner explains.