Uniconta A/S doubles revenue and delivers record results in 2021

Uniconta A/S expands the customer base significantly in 2021 and expects continued growth in 2022. Increased digitization and sharpened legal requirements for small and medium-sized companies’ documentation make CEO, Erik Damgaard, look positively at 2022 and at Uniconta’s development opportunities.

Small and medium-sized companies continue to choose Uniconta as the platform for the company’s financial system. With a growth in revenue of 85% compared to last year and a result before taxes of DKK 11 million, Uniconta A/S continues its growth and progress in 2021. The revenue reached DKK 32,5 million in 2021 compared to DKK 17,6 million the year before.

“For several years, we have invested massively in developing a solution that makes it easy, efficient and safe for small and medium-sized companies to manage administrative processes. The companies and their advisers have acknowledged this in 2021 as we are increasingly opted for” says Erik Damgaard, CEO and founder of Uniconta A/S.

Increased customer base

The progress is primarily due to a significant organic customer growth with approximately 20.000 companies currently using Uniconta. Similarly, in 2021, Uniconta A/S has increasingly felt the positive effects of the company’s investments in establishing and positioning the cloud-based solution as a solid and serious alternative in the market. Increased interest in Uniconta among companies with between 5 and 50 employees, who experience a value proposition with a strong correlation between price and functionality, has meant that the number of users per customer increased significantly in 2021 – thus also the average license price.

Therefore, Uniconta A/S operating profit has improved to DKK 11 million in 2021 compared to a deficit of DKK 4 million in 2020. The result for 2021 brings the equity in Uniconta A/S to just under DKK 28 million.

“We have succeeded in retaining our existing customers and at the same time expanded our customer base significantly and increased the number of resellers. Our development in 2021 shows that we continue to have an appealing, complete and competitive ERP solution, which customers and advisers consider to be future-proof, and as a solution that gives companies value for money,” says Erik Damgaard.

Sharpened legal requirements and positive expectations

Continued increase of new customers combined with high loyalty among existing customers means that Uniconta also expect solid growth in 2022. A growth which is expected to be further supported by increasing demand for cloud-based subscription solutions – which Uniconta offers – as well as new legislation that, among other things, tightens the requirements for companies’ documentation obligations.

“Today, thousands of small and medium-sized companies use financial systems that do not automatically meet the requirements in the new accounting law. We expect that it will contribute positively to our development, because the new legal requirements are already integrated into Uniconta today,” says Erik Damgaard.

The law, which is expected to become effective from 1 July 2022, demands requirements for digital storage of documents and accounting records. Digital storage is already integrated in Uniconta today, while older ERP and financial systems – most often – do not have digital storage integrated in their solutions.

More information:

Per Pedersen, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing, Uniconta A/S Mobile: +45 24 26 97 63

Anders Lehmann, Communication Advisor, CorpoCom Mobile: +45 51 39 01 65

About Uniconta: Uniconta A/S was founded in 2015 by IT entrepreneur Erik Damgaard. Uniconta A/S develop and sell the cloud-based and complete ERP system, Uniconta, which is targeted at small and medium-sized companies. Uniconta’s solutions are currently used in 41 countries in more than 20.000 companies. In 1984, Erik Damgaard helped establish Damgaard Data, which in 2002 was sold to Microsoft for a double-digit billion.


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