Uniconta enters South America

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Uniconta Nederland has signed a new partner, Titania IT, in Curaçao, South America. 

Titania IT is an ICT company in Curaçao that specializes in the implementation of standard and custom ERP software.In addition to delivering implementation services, Titania also installs and manages networks for both small and large companies.

Expand current offer with cloud solution

At Titania IT, the desire was to serve their customers with a more modern applications. As a result, John Mulders, Managing Director at Titania IT, went looking for a modern cloud solution with API capabilities. On Curaçao there are challenges related to the internet available on the island. The proposition of a modern offline POS (Point of Sale) system combined with the latest ERP system would be the perfect solution for the island.

Open and easy integration

After an introduction, John Mulders decided to further investigate the possibilities of Uniconta:

“Uniconta has functionality that the competition does not provide,” says John.

“Uniconta offers the possibility to easily integrate add-ons. We believe Uniconta together with a POS system is the perfect proposition. Some changes are required to meet the demands of the local Tax Authorities which can be mitigates by either making the necessary modifications ourselves or to add another local application.”

Best of breed

John is optimistic about succeeding with Uniconta in Curaçao:

“Worldwide the demand for cloud solutions is increasing and when the internet connections on Curaçao improves, I foresee the same trend happening here as well. From Titania IT we see growth potential because smaller organizations also need a modern solution able to easily connect to any other modern application. Uniconta provides this with their API capabilities. With Uniconta as the ‘postmodern ERP engine’ companies on Curaçao can now choose the best of breed solutions they need in order to add efficiency and further digitize their processes.”

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