Uniconta Update 85 Project

Release date: May 24, 2020

Version 85 included several updates to the project module which require some further explanation.

Ability to create project expenses directly on sales orders with reference to the project

In previous versions it was only possible to register expenses on a project from posting journals, purchase orders, projects and timesheet journals.

As of version 85 it is now possible to register project expenses when invoicing a project. This function can for example be used if a customer is due to receive an invoice for some inventory items and the user would like to register both the expenses and income on the project directly upon invoicing.

Previously it was not possible to register these items as expenses on the project upon invoicing.

Please note the following if you would like to use this function:

Users must:

  • You must use item numbers on the invoice and these item numbers must have an expense ’category’ selected on the item card (for example a ‘materials’ category).
  • You must select an income category on the order card.

Users must not:

  • Do not combine the new option to post project expenses and income upon sending project invoices, with project invoices that are invoiced by consumption i.e. by using the button Invoice/’Create order’ in the project list.

If you do not wish to create postings for both income and expenditure upon posting a project invoice, then the ‘category’ on the order card must be of the ‘On account’ type.


If you mark your ’On account’ category as ’Standard’ then it will automatically be selected on the order which is created using the ‘Invoice’ button and ‘Sales order’ in the project list.

If you have several categories set to type ’On account’ and none of them have been set as ’standard’ then the system will automatically suggest that you use the last ‘On Account’ category on the order.

In other words, it is the category on the order that determines whether the system posts both income and expenditure on the project or just income.

You can read the following Danish article (use a translation tool) on postings from the project module: https://www.uniconta.com/da/unipedia/kontering-projekt-og-finans/

You can also watch the following Danish video on project invoicing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqw4OdR1VzVMAXMIy4C2k86RsPI3N5LdX

Control for selected category on order lines

With the new option to post both income and expenses to a project at the same time, we have added a new control to check that a category has been selected on the order lines. If an inventory item with an inventory item number and a category is entered on the order lines then this item category will automatically be entered on the order lines.

Any lines that are automatically created on the order from the project module will automatically enter the category selected for the project’s transactions.

Non billable categories can be used on billable projects

Earlier versions only allowed users to post project transactions with billable categories on projects that were linked to project groups that also were billable and vice versa.

By ’billable’ project transactions we are referring to project transactions that are posted with categories that are marked as invoiceable/billable.

As of version 85 user scan now post project transactions with non billable categores on billable projects. Note that a non-billable project posting will be saved without a sales price /sales value

So if your ’On-account’ category is not marked as billable then your ’on account’ transactions will not be saved with a sales value. Remember, therefore, to select the ’Invoiceable/billable’ field on your ‘On account’ category for those categories that are billable.

Adjustment fields in the project list

Version 85 now includes two new fields: A’djustment (cost)’ and ‘Adjustment (sale)’. These two fields show the sum of the respective cost and sales values of the project transactions with type ‘Adjustment’

Earlier versions calculated these transactions in the ’Other (cost)’ and ‘Other (sale)’ fields.

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