Uniconta Update 80

Release date March 10, 2019

User profiles

With Update 80, user profiles can now be restricted in terms of which menu items the individual users are permitted to see. 

There is a new menu item ’Profiles’ under Company/User rights. One or more user profiles can be created here. Enter the pages that the profile should have access to or should not have access to under ’lines’.  The first check box on the profile, which is called ’exclusive list’, determines whether you are creating a list of the pages that the user is to have access to or whether this is a list of pages that the user should be excluded from. 

If a user is to be granted access to the majority of Uniconta, then obviously becomes easier to add the pages that the user is to be denied access to. 

Set up which users should be allocated which user profile under ’users’.

The function can be switched on in the last group under ’Configure application functionality’.

Log field changes in master data

We are now able to create a log when a user changes master data. This menu item has been placed under Company/Maintenance.

The function can be switched on in the last group under ’Configure application functionality’.

Fixed Assets module

In Update 80, we have added a fixed assets module under the General Ledger menu. This is currently just the module header. We expect to have depreciation ready for the version 81 release. This module must be switched on under Company/Maintenance. 

Project invoicing 

In the order module it is now possible to see which project transactions an order is based on. In addition, users can remove lines that they do not wish to include and postpone them to the following month. The order lines can then be recreated. 

Sort by project type

If users prioritise project types using sorting, then invoice lines are also sorted by this key.

Financial Statements

With Update 80, users can now select to show:”All accounts”, ”Profit and Loss Statement” or ”Balance Sheet”. A cover page can be selected or deselected.

Tax exemptions

It is now possible to set up whether a debtor is tax exempt for a inventory item that is a duty. This is set up on the debtor group. Another new function on the debtor group is the ability to select sales price 1,2 or 3. 

New accounts on the inventory group

Accounts for gains and losses and as well as adjustment accounts are system accounts in the Chart of Accounts. These can now also be selected on the Inventory group. 

Address list for previous customer addresses

There is a new list under Customer/Reports/Invoices called “Previous addresses”. Uniconta checks this list whenever an old invoice is re-printed, to see if there is another address after the invoice date. Users can create, edit and delete addresses in this list. Old addresses are also automatically added to this list when the address is updated on the customer card. So users can select whether they would like the new address printed on an old invoice or the old one, by editing and maintaining this list.

Production BOMs

A production BOM can now include another BOM which is automatically expanded in production. There must be a check mark in the ”expand” field. This is a ‘phantom’ inventory item. It works in n-levels. 

Exported finance transactions

There is now an export function under General Ledger/Audit activities. It keeps track of what has been exported so that the same transactions are not exported twice. Next time that the same date interval is exported, Uniconta creates what we call a supplement, which will only take the new transactions with it. The function is available for our users sending data exports to their auditors. 

Pivot export to Excel

A ’Data aware export’ is now available when exporting pivot tables to Excel. This means the spreadsheet is more interactive in Excel. 

Pivot table with new

Users can now add ‘other fields’ to pivot tables. This enables our users to create many new metric dimensions.

New filter possibilities in columns 

Users can now select more than one value using the small filter icon on the column headers.

New theme

We have created a new theme available in the User profile: Grey. It is inspired by Office. We have also created a check mark ’Show grid’. This function shows the grid in the header icons, just as in Excel, instead of the zebra stripes. This can be selected on all themes. 

Own labels

In the tools menu users can now create their own labels. If a label is created that is given the same name as our labels, the newly created label will be used. This way users have the ability to change label wording in the standard application. These labels are imported by the API via ’Open company’ so they will also be available for those coding via the API. 

Menu designer

In the main menu designer under tools, a block can now be created. I.e. a block such as ’General Ledger’, ’Customer’ etc. 

Other news

  • Hyphens can now be used in e-mail addresses in Uniconta
  • Customer statement now has a ’remaining amount’ due including a total
  • Minimum purchase amounts on an inventory item
  • The VAT amount can now be entered on a purchase invoice, if users wish to override the Uniconta calculation
  • Create customer funtion under quick invoice just beside the ’Search’ field. The same is available in the Vendor module
  • A new field on the order line to show whether a series or batch number is attached
  • Series/batch numbers must now be unique for the same inventory item
  • ‘Your ref.’ on the order is now entered on the open transactions, so that ‘Your ref.’ can be included on the account statement
  • Many tables now include ‘user defined fields’
  • More tables now include ‘attachments’. For example, price lists. This way, users can attach a supplier price list as documentation for the new prices
  • Width of user defined fields. If the field is filled out, then word-wrap will also be implemented
  • New version of Devexpress: 18.2.6

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