Uniconta Update 81

Release date May 26, 2019

Drag & Drop in physical vouchers

It is now possible to drag and drop documents into the physical vouchers (inbox) including dragging e-mails directly in from Outlook. If the user wishes to add an email that has an attachment to the physical vouchers (inbox) without including the attachment, then they can drag and drop the email only into the inbox and vice versa. This drag & drop functionality also works for the menu item ’Attachments’ which can be found in several places in Uniconta.

Add and remove a document from physical vouchers

Physical vouchers are marked as to whether the user wants them to appear in the inbox or not. When a journal is posted with an attached voucher, this marking is removed. We have now added a button in the local inbox menu allowing the user to ‘Remove from inbox’. We have also added two buttons in the local menu under General Ledger/Reports/Physical Vouches called ‘Show in inbox’ and ‘Remove from inbox’ so that the user can choose whether to ‘show’ or ‘remove’ a voucher from the inbox.

‘On hold’ in the inbox

The physical vouchers (inbox) now also has an ‘on hold’ field (the same field as is available in the journals). Physical vouchers that are set to ‘on hold’ will not be transferred to the journal.

Quick selection of variants on order lines

If an inventory item is set up with variants, users can now quickly create several order lines for the same inventory item with different variants. Enter the item number that has variants, then use the ‘Add variants’ button. A list will appear with all of the possible variant combinations for this inventory item. The user just enters the ’Quantity’ of each combination that they wish to sell and clicks ‘Generate’ to add to the order. It is somewhat similar to the ’variant matrix’ principal.

Unlimited number of columns in the financial statements

Users can now add as many columns as they wish in their financial statements. Our ’Export to Excel’ function will include all columns, however, only 13 columns can be physically printed out. Columns can now also be dragged and dropped to a new position.

Remove bank reconciliation settlements

If users have made errors in their bank reconciliation and would like to start again, they can now remove all settlements within a specified date interval with our new local menu button ‘Remove settlements’.

Bank reconciliation, sum of ‘Marked’

Bank reconciliation and bank statement screens now contain two new columns: ’Marked’ and ’Difference’. The ’Marked’ column shows all finance posts that are marked to the bank transactions.

Note on item name groups

Users can now add a ’Note’ to lines in the item name groups screen. If a note is added here, then it will also be printed on the invoice. If a note has already been added to the order lines then both notes will be printed. The lines now also have user defined fields so users can, for example, use the list in a webshop to show give descriptions in various languages.

Login error

If a user enters an incorrect password three times, then they will now need to wait 30 seconds before they will be allowed to try again. If they enter the wrong password again then they will have to wait an additional 30 seconds.


Companies can now set up IP-restrictions. If an IP-restriction is set up, the company records can only be accessed from an IP-address that is included in the list of permitted IP-addresses. The list can be created in the company module.

User defined fields referencing user defined tables

If a user creates a user defined field and references it to a user defined table, the table fields will now appear in under Layouts/Other fields.

Partner DLLs in 2 versions

Partner-DLLs can now be saved to our server in 2 versions. When a Windows client accesses a partner-DLL, the ’correct’ version will be retrieved. Since partners have access to a test version of Uniconta, 14 days before release, this allows them to test and edit partner plugins in the test version of Uniconta. They can then be uploaded on the live version of Uniconta ready to run on the next version.

Source code on GitHub

The Uniconta client’s source code for all screens is now available on GitHub. This allows users to download a page from Uniconta, program in it and add it back into Uniconta as a plugin. This allows users to run their own page in Uniconta instead of Uniconta’s version of the page.   

Link: https://github.com/Uniconta/Uniconta-Pages

GitHub source code can be saved under a new name

When retrieving a page from GitHub, editing the name and uploading it back into Uniconta as a plugin, the page will be included over the controller, which the user can enter into the menu design. This allows users to have both Uniconta’s original page as well as their own version.

Quick access to a large numbers of records

Users can now work with over 100,000 records at a much faster rate (for example large numbers of inventory items and/or customers). When using over 100,000 records, Uniconta automatically switches off the ‘auto complete’ and ‘auto dropdown’ function.

Correction to the Partner Kick-off

At our Partner Kick-off I said that you need to have a reference to ”WPFClient.exe”. You now need a reference to ”UnicontaPages.dll” instead.

Other new features

  • The VAT report now includes ’Transactions’ in the menu
  • Mass order updates can now also be printed immediately just like individual orders. Select ‘Print immediately’ when generating the documents for the mass update.
  • Pivot tables are now available in the General Ledger under Reports
  • Pivot tables are now accessible directly via a button in the local menus in the Customer, Vendor and Inventory item lists
  • Headers are no longer saved in layouts in and old profile language. Users can now save layout headers in one language and then get the headers in a second language when they change their profile language
  • The CRM follow up form now automatically includes the customer address
  • The CRM module now includes user defined fields from both ‘customers’ and ‘prospects’ together under the ‘Customers & Prospects’ menu item
  • There is a new field in the invoice list that shows whether or not the invoice is a cash invoice (and thereby has no postings to a particular customer/vendor)
  • Batch- and serial numbers now have ’Attachments’ in the menu
  • Batch- and serial numbers now have ’On hand’ in the menu and they also show inventory locations
  • The purchase module now has more e-mail and report type set ups available, such as credit notes
  • The Project module now has a separate total field for ‘on account’
  • The ‘Amount’ column size for printing financial statements has now changed. The debit/credit fields now use 2 x the value for column size.

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