Uniconta Update 82

Release Date September 15, 2019

Accruals for subscription revenue

The order module allows users to set up an order to be re-invoiced after a given period of time. This can, for example, be used for invoicing subscriptions.  Version 82 now allows users to set up an accruals profile here (just as in our general journals) so the revenue can be accrued for over a period of time.  

Delivery note table for purchases

Just as we have a delivery note table in our sales order module, we have now added it for the purchase module. This function needs to be switched on under Company/Maintenance/Configure application functionality.

The amount in ”Receive now” is the amount that is invoiced

Our sales order module has a preference setup for ”Deliver now”. This field determines the ”amount invoiced”. The same functionality is now available in the purchase module.

”Amount” in financial statements and budgets

A few versions back we added the field “Amount” on our finance postings. We have now also added this field to the budget as well as two new columns in the balance sheet, allowing users can show the “Amount”.

Create an Excel file from financial statements

Uniconta will now also show headers and totals when creating an Excel file from a financial statement. Users can create an Excel file from the financial statements screen as well as from the “Print financial statement” screen where the graphics are somewhat neater and therefore also neater in Excel.

Deletion confirmation

Our lists allow users to delete lines without asking for confirmation of the deletion (since users can reverse the deletion with Ctrl-Z, if they have not yet clicked on ”Save”). Now users can set their profile up to require a confirmation that the deletion should be carried out, just as in our form screens.

Create your own C# class with data for Report Generator

Users can now use Report Generator to create any report since users can now use a plugin to create their own C# class with data and allow Report Generator to use this class to create the report. This is actually what we do when we create an invoice in Uniconta. So we have created an “invoice class” in C#.  This class is filled with data that we get from the server via C# via an API. We then call the Report Generator with the “invoice class” and create the Report Generator report. The concept is that a programmer gets all the data into a C# class that he wishes the report to use, and the programmer can then get Report Generator to create the report. Uniconta’s Report Generator can now do anything your users wish for. The boundaries are only as broad as your imagination!

Unipedia: https://www.uniconta.com/developers-unipedia-global/custom-source-reporting/

Bilagscan (Skanned)

Not available in all countries. 

Bilagscan must now be switched on under Company/Maintenance/Configure application functionality.  This also applies to users who already use Bilagscan.

The integration to Bilagscan has also been improved. More information and more correct information is now obtained from the documents.

SEPA Direct Debit

Our Direct Debit module which includes our Danish Nets solutions, Leverandørservice and Payment service solutions plus the Icelandic Claim solution, has been expanded to include the European SEPA Direct Debit solution. 

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is an EU based solution that is used by companies to collect money from their customers in the whole of the SEPA area. The collections are in Euro and can be both one time collections as well as repeat collections.
Uniconta Direct Debit offers two collection rules: Core and B2B.

Core: is primarily used for private collections but can also be used for business collections.

B2B is for business collections only.


Time now has a screen with Work In Progress. Here the user has full control of the WIP cases. Users can invoice directly from WIP.

Time journals can now be approved/posted directly from the approval screen. It is also possible to approve them en masse.

Other news

  • Import invoices from NAV
  • Import notes on invoices from C5
  • Get invoice lines from previous invoices directly in as order lines
  • Users can now see who owns a document under Company/All documents as well as click F6 in the ‘key’ field to jump to the owner of the document.

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