Uniconta Update 86 Hotfix

Release date: October 22, 2020

New devexpress version 20.1.8

We have had to update devexpress from 20.1.7 to the next version since we had some errors in our dashboard. This version should neither effect plugins nor layouts.

Load layout and templates

Users will now only need one mouse click to select.

All notes

We now have an ”All notes”menu item in the company menu just as we have ”All documents”.

Item numbers without a name

For inventory items with no name, any text entered in the order lines text field used to be overwritten once an inventory number was selected. This is no longer the case. So Uniconta users who tend to enter text and thereafter enter item numbers before posting the order will find this useful. These users can now enter text and then edit the item number without their text disappearing.

Project adjustments

Users can now select category type “Adjustment”.

Duty, volume

Duty can now be entered by volume.

Layout in the report designer

Users can now move blocks in the report generator and save the layout.

Layout= in user designed menu

Users can now select a layout from the company owner’s layouts when creating their own menu items in the main menu. This way all users in the company have access to the same layout.

Errors corrected

  • Production: “Save & go to lines” was not saving the contents of the field the user was in
  • Selection of batch did not copy the warehouse back to the order line
  • The warehouse occasionally changed when the invoice was updated with the batch number
  • Copy/paste to Excel now removes the 1.000 separator in the number
  • Integer field now extended so order numbers, vouchers and invoices can include 9 numbers
  • The sluggish expression editor in the report generator has been fixed
  • When entering a formula, the result is rounded to the number of decimals shown in the field
  • F6 on a customer/vendor field in posted transactions has been fixed
  • An employee can now approve a voucher without being a user in Uniconta.

Flytning af regnskab til Univisor (revisor)

Ønsker man at Uniconta A/S skal foretage flytningen af et eller flere regnskaber over til en Univisor, skal man udfylde denne formular: Flytning af regnskab. Regnskabet overgår dermed til et kunderegnskab, hvor det kun er Univisor, der har adgang.

Flytter man selv regnskab

Flytter man selv regnskabet ved at skifte ejer på regnskabet, kan man gøre det gratis. Læs mere: Overdrag firma til Univisor
Her skal man også huske at opsige abonnementet. Dette skal ske her: Opsigelse af Uniconta abonnement