Uniconta Update 89

Release date: May 22, 2022

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Bank reconciliation is often made more difficult when the bank deducts fees, so that payment does not match the invoice that it has to settle. In Ledger/Adjustment /Fees, there is now a file of fees and how they should be posted. So now during bank reconciliation you can specify a fee group and the amount that the bank has deducted. When posting, Uniconta will then settle the Customer with the amount paid, post the fee in the fee account, and the amount received in a bank reconciliation in the bank account.

If you pay a vendor in a foreign currency, and then later import the bank transactions, there is often a difference between the amount at which the currency payment was first posted and the rate the bank has used. That complicates the bank reconciliation. Now all you have to do is mark the 2 items on the bank and the financial entry, respectively, and click on “Generate balance difference”. Then Uniconta will automatically form a difference, which is included in the marking, the marking will go to zero and you can press “Add reconciliation”.

In the main directory of fixed assets, there is now a function for selling a fixed asset. It will form the records in a journal, which can then be posted.

In the inbox you can now see if an attachment has been received before. Uniconta looks at whether the vendor account and invoice number have been used before. On the one hand, you have a pop-up menu that can show the duplicates, and when transferring to the journal, you also check for duplicates if the journal is set up to check whether the invoice number exists.

Offset accounts, which can be found in both Physical Vouchers (inbox) and Journals, have now been included in the Project fields.

If you change the Customer / Vendor account on a posted financial entry, and the entry is an invoice, then the account also changes on the invoice.

  • You can now easily correct dates in account statements
  • New field on the chart of accounts “Comment”, which is also displayed in the Closing Sheet
  • In setting up the Closing Sheet, you can now decide whether the VAT codes from the chart of accounts should be inserted by default
  • When you add a posting rule in bank reconciliation, you can now assign dimensions
  • In account statements there are now functions to change the date on all columns
  • In account statements Templates you can now copy a template from one company to another
  • In the overview of “all companies” and in “change accounts”, you can now see “Number of lines in the Inbox”, “Last posting” and “Last bank entry”
  • When a physical voucher is assigned a project number, the person responsible for the project will be set as approver 1.


You can now put budgets on customers. It must be enabled on under Company/Maintenance /Configure application functionalities. If you place budgets on your Customers and enter “Employee”, these can be seen in the pop-up menu of an employee. There are reports to keep budgets up against realized figures. The realized figures are read from the invoice header.



When you create an e-mail list, you can now search in invoice lines, and based on what the customer has bought, decide whether this should be included in the e-mail list. There are filters in the menu to filter on the product catalog and invoice lines.



On Subscriber Order, the lines of the order remain after invoicing. Now there is a field on the order lines “Delete line”, which will force the line to be deleted after invoicing. This allows you to now mix fixed order lines and order lines that only need to be invoiced once on fixed orders.

When copying an order, you can now choose whether to create a new order, or whether the lines should be copied to an existing order.

You can now put a different payment format on your orders in relation to what is written on the Customer/Vendor.



When copying a purchase, you can now choose whether to create a new purchase, or whether the lines should be copied to an existing purchase.

You can now put a different payment format on your purchases in relation to what is written on the Customer/Vendor.

Logistics icon


Now Uniconta is also updating the cost prices of Project Transactions. Under company information, you can now decide whether the recalculation should be made per Warehouse, Warehouse / Location or only on item number.

In the setup, you can decide whether negative stock should only work on item number or on item number / warehouse location. Negative stock is now also checked from the stock journal. There is thus a setup on the journal, where you can turn off whether negative stock is checked for the journal in question.

Changing Warehouse Location on the warehouse records can now be done for a list of records.



We have expanded our planning module with a graphical calendar component. It is a calendar of all employees and their tasks. It provides an overview of the tasks and how they are distributed among the employees as well as in what periods they are planned. In the calendar, new tasks can be created, tasks can be corrected or moved to new periods or another employee. The calendar is very similar to what you know from Microsoft Outlook.

Start / Stop, which we have in the Uniconta Assistant app for measuring time spent on a project, is now also in the Windows client. At stops, project lines are saved in the project journal with the time spent.

  • “My projects” are now incorporated in the Time Journal
  • Local menu in Project has been given “Contacts”
  • Replace physical vouchers on posted vouchers now also replace in Project
  • Personal menu in Hour Journal
  • Copy quotations for Project Invoice proposals


We have developed our own App for Mobile to support Two Factor Logon. After login in to Uniconta, you must confirm the login on your mobile. Two Factor Logon is activated by downloading the Uniconta Authenticator App, and then activating Two Factor Logon.

In the Windows client in “my Profile” you can deactivate Two Factor Logon. Under “Assign user rights” you can see if the user has activated Two Factor Logon.

In the top bar, a star has been added, which contains the user’s own favorites. If you are on a menu item in the main menu, you can right-click and select “add to favorites”. In the tool menu you can under “Menu” edit the favorite menu and create submenus. Favorite menu is saved per user and is the same in all accounts.

You can now zoom in and out in list images, by holding down the Ctrl key, and then using the wheel on the mouse.

Almost all major updates in Uniconta take place in the background of the server. Now you can get a message when an update job is completed. It can be extremely useful for integrations to get a message when e.g. an invoice has been generated.

  • In the Partner Plugin overview you can now see where it is used
  • Log of fields that have been changed on master data now includes the user fields in the log
  • In Client / Server tracking in the company menu, the owner can now see all users in his accounts
  • The following fields can now have 4,000 characters
    • Note: Text
    • Comment on Order / Purchase / Offer / Production
    • Project: Description
  • On our own tables, where “Attachments” have been selected, our small icons are now displayed
  • In attachments you can now replace the document
  • Extended functionality in PivotTables in the Windows client
  • We have now updated to devexpress version. 21.2.7
  • Common.DLL is obsolete and can no longer be included in Visual Studio projects. Only Uniconta.WindowAPI.DLL.

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