Uniconta version 91

Release date: Sunday, September 10, 2023


If you want to settle multiple invoices with a payment that’s less than the total amount due on the invoices, you can now do it in a single line. Through offset accounts you can specify the amount and invoice numbers, thereby partially settling multiple invoices with one payment.

If the account is of the “bank” type and a currency is assigned to the account, the balance will accumulate in that currency. Now, the “debtor summary account” and “creditor summary account” types will function similarly, with the balance accumulating in the designated currency.

The report ‘EU Sales without VAT.’ Only invoice lines with a tax code where the tax operation has marked the new field “EU sales without VAT” will be printed. This is relevant only for countries other than Denmark, as we already check for codes s3, s4, and s7 for Denmark.

For other European countries, different codes will be marked. Uniconta manages the configuration of tax operations.


The status indicates whether the individual bank account has an active (green) connection to Aiia or if the connection is inactive (yellow) and needs to be renewed. When “Connect to the financial institution” is clicked while the Status is “Inactive,” the dialogue box will automatically set the Function to “Synchronize.” Synchronize can be used to update the inactive connection to the bank.

Note: The connection to Aiia needs to be renewed every 90 days for security reasons and to confirm that the agreement is still active. In some situations, it may be necessary to renew the agreement earlier than 90 days. This can be due to changes made by the bank.


In various instances, Uniconta copies user-defined fields with the same name across registers. Now, fields from order lines and order headers are also copied to financial postings.


Microsoft has developed a new system called “Microsoft Graph” – a fresh and secure system for sending emails from Microsoft 365 – which has nothing to do with graphics. It’s a system that incorporates some of the same principles as “Active Directory.” This means, among other things, that you can configure which applications have access to send emails from your own Microsoft account.

Uniconta is registered with Microsoft as one of the systems you can choose to grant permission for sending emails. When you configure your Microsoft 365 to use this new system, you will be assigned a TenantId (Guid), and this TenantId needs to be entered into Uniconta’s email setup under Company/Maintenance/Email setup.

If you use Microsoft Graph, there is a new option called “Merge PDFs.” So if the email contains multiple PDFs, they will be merged into a single PDF, which will then be sent in the email.

Read more: Microsoft Graph overview – Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn

  • We have replaced a large number of our icons, as well as changed the format from png to svg format, so that they are now much sharper. All plugins will work, as an icon specified with .png will be changed to .svg
  • In the log of record changes, the key is saved during a deletion
  • The report generator has received “Uniconta methods,” which are various useful functions:
    • Display exchange rates
    • Write amounts as text
    • Lookup in a custom register (This was not possible on the server)
  • User menus can now be assigned a shortcut key
  • Item name groups now have “inherits from” functionality
  • Email setup can be copied from another company
  • Export of physical documents can be saved in a file format that Uniconta can import. This can be used, among other things, for manually merging two accounts
  • IP restriction now works for OData. OData can be accessed from an approved IP address
  • Tooltips over reference fields have been improved
  • Deletion confirmation displays key and name
  • The date in “Notes” can be edited
  • Press F7 in the quotation, which displays the quotation
  • Temporary exchange rate in the financial draft. Now, you can enter a currency and an exchange rate in the financial draft, which will be used until it is closed
  • Project Budget: The Rest Budget screen has been expanded with various filters and the ability to enter new budgets. Rest Budget can be accessed from Time Registration.

Flytning af regnskab til Univisor (revisor)

Ønsker man at Uniconta A/S skal foretage flytningen af et eller flere regnskaber over til en Univisor, skal man udfylde denne formular: Flytning af regnskab. Regnskabet overgår dermed til et kunderegnskab, hvor det kun er Univisor, der har adgang.

Flytter man selv regnskab

Flytter man selv regnskabet ved at skifte ejer på regnskabet, kan man gøre det gratis. Læs mere: Overdrag firma til Univisor
Her skal man også huske at opsige abonnementet. Dette skal ske her: Opsigelse af Uniconta abonnement