SengeSpecialisten chooses Uniconta as new ERP solution

SengeSpecialisten, part of JYSK Group, has been selling and advising customers in Denmark on beds for over 20 years. The company certainly knows a lot about beds, but when they decided it was time to re-energize their work processes in order to free up man-hours and increase efficiency, they decided to enter into a dialogue with consulting company Retail Disruption.

That dialogue resulted in a decision to switch to Uniconta, Erik Damgaard’s new cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution.

Retail Disruption succeeded in managing the integration and rollout of Uniconta for SengeSpecialisten. In just two months, Retail Disruption had not only converted SengeSpecialisten’s system from e-conomic to Uniconta, but the two parties had worked together to develop a completely new merchandise numbering system. 

Growth requires efficiency

Efficiency is a necessity for SengeSpecialisten. When the company recently opened its 15th store in Denmark, time was of the essence; not just with respect to implementing Uniconta, but also training their employees to use it.

Training all 40 employees to use  Uniconta, ensured a smooth transition as soon as the conversion and implementation of the new system had taken place. Retail Disruption concurrently introduced a ‘ticket’ system to collect all errors as well as suggestions for changes that could later be prioritized by Retail Disruption in collaboration with SengeSpecialisten.

A tailored POS solution

The new solution comprises much more than the standard functions and services. It also includes a tailor made Point-of-Sale (POS) system, which has been directly integrated into Uniconta, including expanded sales order management, cash counting, bank transfers as well as a help centre with an overview of all guidelines and set processes required, both within Uniconta and the individual stores.

”Implementing and rolling out a new ERP system in a company can get quite overwhelming, especially when your work day is already chock-a-block. At Retail Disruption, we’ve been in the customer’s shoes before, so we know that what they really need is a supplier who frees up their time, not one who wastes it,” says Søren Just Skjelbo, Creative Director and Partner at Retail Disruption.

”We set about our work with the concept of simplicity in mind. When we enter into a project with a client we get to know their organization, their people and how they work. That way we know who we need to talk to, and our client knows who they can contact on our side.”

At New Online Systems, the company behind Uniconta, Sales and Marketing Director, Per Pedersen, is very pleased with SengeSpecialisten’s choice to go with Uniconta.

”When you have been in the market for less than a year, it’s huge for us when a company SengeSpecialisten’s size chooses to switch to Uniconta.”

”But credit must go to Retail Disruption who has only been a Uniconta supplier for about six months. In that short time they have not only learned the ins and out of our systems, they have won a large contract and developed a unique POS solution. Now that’s impressive.”

Simple and lean

”Uniconta fits right in with our vision of keeping things simple – or lean, if you like. Uniconta does exactly what’s important to our clients; not 100 other things that they’ll never use and just make the system more complex,” says Søren Just Skjelbo.

Open architecture

Uniconta is characterized by its diverse toolbox that make it possible for suppliers to not only develop and integrate their own supplementary solutions, but also to integrate with other systems. This aspect was central in enabling us to implement the optimal system for SengeSpecialisten.

”We are constantly focused on the individual company’s needs, and in SengeSpecialisten’s case there was a need for a POS system which had direct access to Uniconta. So we developed such a system and integrated it with Uniconta,” Søren Just Skjelbo concludes.

About SengeSpecialisten

To be able to call yourself an expert, you need to have in-depth knowledge of a professional area.  SengeSpecialisten does indeed have just that. The company has been focused on mattresses, sleep environments and sleep itself for almost 20 years.  They have extensive knowledge of what it takes to make a good bed, the options available and what one needs to be aware of to find the right one.

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