Uniconta central to takeout.dk’s growth


Primary reason behind the impressive feat

By the end of 2016, takeout.dk, a premium portal for ordering takeaway food online, showed +40% growth. The implementation of a completely new IT system and concept was the primary reason behind the impressive feat.

The new system also clearly illustrated that takeout.dk’s explosive growth had led the company to outgrow its previous, self-developed billing module.

David Kingo Sønderkær, responsible for HR and Finance at takeout.dk

The new system is the brainchild of David Kingo Sønderkær. He wanted to move financial management in-house, to ensure a constant, full overview of the company’s financial data and information.

”We did not want to move the entire server fleet in-house. We already have a cloud-based IT platform that services our customers, so it was a natural choice to pursue a similar approach for this part of our business,” David Kingo Sønderkær.

Takeout.dk began researching the different available solutions. The company had some very specific requirements for invoice management, commission calculation and management of customers, which were simultaneously suppliers. These requirements meant that a number of providers, including the likes of e-conomic, were rejected during the selection process.

Furthermore, integration between the financial management system and takeout.dk’s technological platform for handling food orders was of critical importance for achieving success.
This was one of the deciding factors that made takeout.dk select Uniconta. Concept Data, one of Uniconta’s official partners, handled the integration and implementation of the system.

From vision to reality

The vision for the new system is to create the foundation for an All-in-One IT-solution that in addition to handling billing and order management supports logistics, partner and restaurant relations, B2B and B2C trade, order handling from own and collaborating partners’ portals and dispatching of orders directly to delivery drivers through a dedicated app.
David Kingo Sønderkær knows the company inside and out when it comes to the operational aspects of takeout.dk. He initially handled contact to the delivery drivers, then customer service, before taking on the responsibility of HR and Finance Manager.

”At takeout.dk, we handle all parts of the order and logistic processes. We deliver apps and websites to restaurants, handle API integration for partners and also have a ”Driverkitt” app that is optimised to handle logistics for delivery drivers receiving orders. It is directly integrated with GPS, which enables them to quickly and efficiently deliver the orders to the customers,” he says.

The first phase has been completed with integration of Uniconta in relation to billing. Takeout.dk is working on phase 2. The vision is to use Uniconta as the IT-foundation of the entire process from initial order placement to final delivery.

Faultless cooperation

”Our cooperation with Concept Data has been faultless. We have in-house knowledge of APIs and system integration. However, Concept Data’s quick understanding of our situation, needs and ability to spar with us on how to make best use of a standard version of Uniconta was a great value-add for our company”, David Kingo Sønderkær says.

Takeout.dk’s Uniconta advantages

Uniconta has all the basic features you need for efficient financial management, and at the same time does not burden or confuse you with a host of features you do not need.
An easy-to-use debit database has quickly automated and streamlined the entire invoice process and account balancing with the bank.

David Kingo Sønderkær is able to call up a snapshot of the company’s finances at a moment’s notice. The cloud setup lets him access the system from anywhere. All features that fit with his professional role. At the same time, it makes it possible for him to instantly report on any financial matters to takeout.dk’s owners, Thomas and Ulrich Cort Hansen.

Beyond Denmark

Takeout.dk is active in Denmark, the Baltic countries and Ireland. The company is in partnership talks with companies in several other countries, including England, Norway and Sweden.

”We see great potential in the fact that our IT platform and Uniconta are fully integrated. Uniconta supports 20 languages, which enables us to deliver an All-in-One Solution. We are looking to continue our expansion beyond Denmark.

The fact that we have a complete, global solution capable of handling the entire, complex takeaway ordering and delivery process, as well as invoicing and financial management, is a strong card to have in connection with those plans,” David Kingo Sønderkær says.

About takeout.dk

Takeout.dk differs from other portals within online takeaway food by giving customers the best and broadest selection of premium restaurants that deliver high quality and service every time.

Takeout.dk also takes care of the entire logistics of delivering the food right to the door in the whole Greater Copenhagen area. The company is about to launch in Aarhus.

With more than 10 years of industry experience, the team behind takeout.dk ensures the best possible service. Their concept relies on state-of-the-art technology, advanced features, a simple and stylish design and a focus on user-friendliness. Users can therefore easily and intuitively find and order food from all their favourite restaurants – delivered at work or at home.

The team ensures that your orders are placed and that your food is prepared and delivered on time and in accordance with your specific preferences and wishes.