Uniconta is a Windows App running on Windows.

Parallels® Desktop for Mac simulates Windows on Mac, and allows you to run Windows applications on Mac, including Uniconta. Parallels ensures that Windows applications can run on Mac.

Mac users can, by following the instructions below, install Uniconta on a Mac.

Step 1 – Create a Uniconta user

To use Uniconta, you must first create a user. This can be done at this link: Uniconta User Creation

Step 2 – Install Parallels and Windows

Parallels can be downloaded from the Appstore or from parallels:

On the Parallels website there is also a guide for installing Windows.

Step 3 – Allocate more RAM for Windows

By default, Parallels sets 4GB of RAM for Windows. 
We recommend that min. is being allocated. 8GB of RAM for running Windows and Uniconta.

Step 4 – Install Uniconta

When Parallels and Windows are set up and installed, Uniconta can be installed. This is done in Windows, where you download Uniconta for Windows from Uniconta’s download page here.


Please note that there may be integrations to other applications that are not supported by this setup.