Breakout sessions
12 May 2022


UniXperience – Anything is possible with Next Generation ERP

During the UniXperience expo on May 12th, you will discover how to accelerate and innovate with modern ERP using concrete examples from existing international customers. During this day you have the opportunity to network with Resellers and add-on partners from Denmark, the Netherlands and Iceland, among others. They will share and demonstrate solutions that are applicable to your market during the several break-out sessions.

Session round 1 | From 11.00 - 11.45 hours

Dome 1
Hans de Wit and Dirk-Willem Huisman
CEO and Manager Software & Development at DNA services
Uniconta, our platform

DNA Services traditionally develops custom applications and was looking for a suitable platform for its development work. They found this platform in Uniconta and now use it for standard implementations, developing (standard) add-ons and realizing custom-made solutions. In this session they will show you the advantages and possibilities of Uniconta ERP.

This session is in Dutch.

Dome 2
Christer Jensen
CEO Little Beacon
How to improve your bottom-line using Apps with Uniconta

With more than 15 years of experience, we at Little Beacon have developed a stack of app’s, which drives the user profiles that is situated around the Uniconta ERP products. Sales, Logistics, Service and Production will add valuable data for the decision making process. Let us show you how these user groups can interact with your Uniconta environment and bring a better bottomline to the business, using app’s from LITTLEBEACON

Dome 3
Harry van Rossum
Country Manager Dynamicweb
Control over your digital business channel

Experience shows that over the past few years, many companies have started using a complex set of tools to grow their online business. Many companies now get stuck in this morass of tools. Maintenance and integration are complex, reliability of data leaves much to be desired. Now that an increasing part of turnover and customer satisfaction is generated online, it’s time to regain control of the digital channel. Dynamicweb offers a platform which has already proven to give customers back their control and to increase sales with double figures.

Dome 4
Thomas Zeller and Daniel Ritter
Uniconta Germany
When is the right time to use Uniconta?

Uniconta Germany will introduce their localization in Germany: the new DATEW-interfase. In addition, you will learn more about the latest add-ons from German resellers. LuN Cloud Solutions: pos- and webshop- integration, using Azure functions.

Session round 2 | From 12.00 - 12.45 hours

Dome 1
Einar Geir Jónsson
CEO Unimaze Software
How can you save € 8.000 on 1000 invoices?

With e-invoicing and digitizing, you can start automating your accounting. EU recently standardized all different European differentiations into a single European invoice, the European Norm. Uniconta can send and import XML data where invoice information data can be transmitted between different ERP systems. Not only is this limiting manual entries, reducing errors and improving cash flow, it enables automation not seen before. With Unimaze, you can transform a PDF invoice, header data and every line item into readable data (XML), with no manual input.

Dome 2
Willem ten Asbroek
Founder & CEO BizBloqs
How a logistics solution will transform your business
BizBloqs was founded to address a gap in the market: hardworking entrepreneurs in SMB+ market could never implement the extensive Logistic solutions they needed to compete with industry giants. We developed a logistics platform to correct this inequality and provide operational excellence. But we realize we cannot do it alone. Partners like Uniconta are there with us. Together we assist customers to optimize their operations, trusting our state-of-the-art no-code/low-code solution to solve current and future challenges with the greatest agility and speed.
Dome 3
Peter Ingemann Kohn
CEO and Founder Wedoio intergrations aps
How to integrate your Uniconta solution with your digital systems

Wedoio is a global team of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers, and we all work to change the way of how we integrate digital systems. Our primary location is Copenhagen, Denmark, from which our roots are. Thorough and in-depth knowledge of companies’ needs for agile and flexible integrations and services is always the focus of Wedoio’s solutions.

Dome 4
Bram van den Hoven
Sales director Kaya Consulting Nederland
Uniconta Wholesale & Retail plug-ins

Kaya has developed some industry solutions, especially for the wholesale, retail and apparel industry. We will demo a few of these solutions: International shipment: Functionality that monitors the container shipments of your purchase orders. 3-Way matching: Functionality that settles your invoices with purchase order and/or shipments. Transfer orders: Functionality that allows the transfer between warehouses and the use of transit warehouses etc.

Session round 3 | From 13.45 - 14.30 hours

Dome 1
Bas Langenhuizen & Dennis Usmany
CCO OutSmart
Digitise your field service
Get rid of paper and make a change to digital today. Make your employees collaborating in the cloud and get real-time updates about your field services. OutSmart can take your business to the next level. Increase your productivity and streamline your processes. OutSmart is designed to help your team to collaborate more efficiently and reduce your operations costs.
Dome 2
Arnar Jónsson and Hjörvar Hermannsson
The future of Uniconta integrations

With Smartmedia integration solutions, we help companies automate their business, maximize efficiency and provide better customer service.
Technological improvements are happening at a rapid pace and the value of data is increasing. Companies operate on multiple platforms and therefore it’s important that data is synchronised between platforms correctly, in real time.

Dome 3
Jan Rijkens and Stefan van den Brink
Uniconta evangelist and Director Uniconta Netherlands
Productivity add-ons for Uniconta

Business Rule Manager: An ‘If this then that‘ tool. Where Business rules can be defined, such as if ‘this user‘ then ‘filter‘, or if ‘this screen‘ then ‘show this button‘, and many, many more possibilities.
Batch Manager: An ‘If time then this‘ tool. Schedule anything to be processed at any time.
Interface manager: A portal that tracks all incoming and outgoing API/XML/… messages.

Dome 4
Marco van Drogenbroek
Business Consultant, OneXillium
Information and quality-management with Uniconta

Discover the possibilities OneXillium offers on information management. Information within an organization exists in different forms, paper of digital. With the Enterprise Information Management solution we can record all this securely, with i.e. facial-recognition. Purchase invoices, packing slips and email are connected to the data already available in Uniconta. We will also talk about quality management. Many companies have to comply with an ISO or NEN standardization of this is often the knowledge in the head of an employee, we can also record, check and improve this information.

Session round 4 | From 14.45 – 15.30 hours

Plenary session
Erik Damgaard
Founder & CEO Uniconta
Preview of Uniconta version 89

Erik Damgaard the founder and CEO will present himself the ‘what’s new in Version 89’. Version 89 is the next version of Uniconta and will be released on the 22nd of May. This is your chance to discuss with Erik anything you would like to know about the next version(s) of Uniconta.

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