– Create follow-up

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Use the navigation panel to go to CRM/Prospects.  A follow-up can be created directly on the prospect by highlighting the relevant prospect and clicking on ‘Follow-up’ button in the toolbar/ribbon.

Users can of course also see all follow-up activities under CRM/Follow-up activities. 

Here, users can complete the form with all of the relevant follow up parameters.

Description of fields. 

  • Created date (auto fills todays date but can be edited)
  • Last updated (auto fills todays date but can be edited)
  • Notes
  • Amount


  • Group (set up under CRM/Maintenance/Follow-up groups) read more here.
  • Employee (set up under Company/Maintenance/Employees) .


  • Follow-up date
  • Follow-up activity (pre-defined by Uniconta, cannot be edited)
  • Probability (this is a scale)
  • End date

The user can choose which fields to use and which are relevant for them.


The follow up list shows all follow-up activities created for the relevant customer.

The filter function can be used here to find and sort information.

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