Uniconta is a full blown ERP system, enabling your company to digitalize business processes.

Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production and logistics, and helps your business become digital. So you can run your business on a solid foundation.

All small and medium-sized businesses are deeply dependent on a sound ERP system. A system that can help manage both operation and development. It is about much more than having a place to register and invoice. It’s about being able to make the right decisions. And you can only do this if you have a good overview of figures from across the company. You get that with Uniconta.

Uniconta provides time savings on daily routines, searches, document retrieval and documentation. Your data and documents are safely stored in the cloud – always accessible. Everything is all in one place, giving you a unique and complete overview of your entire business.

Although it is a standard ERP system, it is structured flexibly so that you can customize the solution with your own fields, tables and screens. This means that you do not have to depend on your desire for change to fit in with other companies.

Based on more than 35 years of knowledge

Erik Damgaard has been developing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, since 1983. Uniconta is an amalgam of the best of the previous ERP systems developed by Erik, combined with the latest new technology from Microsoft.

The result is an intuitive accounting software programme that takes care of all your accounting, supply chain and project management needs. Its simple, intuitive, powerful features give you complete overview of your business’ economy and helps make your business more efficient and profitable.

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Uniconta is a full blown modern cloudbased ERP system at a fair price.

Your own solution – even in the cloud

Uniconta is an app that works similarly to well-known programmes like Microsoft Office. It is installed on your PC, and stores all data in the cloud. It is an approach that provides maximum speed and worker mobility with no waiting periods. You are also not dependent on browsers that are susceptible to lock you out, “forget data” or disconnecting you.

Uniconta is built to integrate seamlessly and create synergies with popular Microsoft technology. It is designed to fit easily and smoothly into your cloud IT-ecosystem. Uniconta can be deployed as a standard ERP system, but is designed as a modular, flexible solution that allows easy customization of fields, indexes and screen layouts. This means that you are not dependent on aligning your wishes and needs to a standard software package.

Erik Damgaard’s programmes have always been characterized by an extensive toolbox and good integration features. Uniconta is no exception.

It enables customers to benefit from the synergies offered by our partners’ solutions. The guiding principle has been to develop a strong foundation and then offer specific supplemental solutions through a strong network of partners and integrators.

This means that Uniconta is part of a unique, wide-ranging ecosystem, which allows companies to tailor their finished programme package to individual industries, specific job functions and create unique solutions that match their workflows and work processes.

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Uniconta is supported by a wide network of authorized resellers, our Uniconta Partners, so you can always get in touch with an expert if you need help with your Uniconta.

If you are not already in contact with one of our partners to help you get started right away.

We always recommend contacting one of our Uniconta Partners if you:

  • Migrate from another ERP system and wants to get your data securely into Uniconta
  • Want to tailormade your Uniconta to your individual needs
  • Needs integration with other systems
  • Will run Uniconta by default but needs sparring or tuition

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