Uniconta for Mac

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MacOS 10.15 Catalina does not support Uniconta for Mac

Apple previously alerted its users that a system update would soon be available that would not support applications that run on over 64-bit software.

Since Uniconta for Mac requires Silverlight, which is a 32-bit application this means that users who upgrade to macOS 10.15 (Catalina) will be unable to run Uniconta for Mac.

Read more about the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit on Apple’s website here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436

We recommend that Uniconta users either refrain from upgrading their Mac to Catalina or install Windows for Mac on their Mac before downloading Uniconta.


Uniconta for Mac

Uniconta can be downloaded onto a Mac computer like any other program and runs on the same server as Uniconta for Windows.

Uniconta for Mac requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed on the computer first.

Limitations of Uniconta for Mac

Since Uniconta for Mac runs via the Silverlight-platform, there are some limitations vs. Uniconta for Windows.

None of these limitations affect the core ERP functionality, such as the Uniconta modules, physical vouchers, attachments, notes, layouts, csv-files, images, user-defined fields/menus, user lists, user layouts and automatic updates to the new versions of Uniconta.

Users therefore largely have the same functionality in Uniconta for Mac as they do in the Windows version.

The following functions are not included in Uniconta for Mac:

  • Report generator
  • Scripts and plugins
  • Conversion tools
  • Invoices created in report generator can be sent by email, but they cannot be printed directly from your Mac.

If users wish to have full Uniconta functionality on their Mac then they need to install Windows on their Mac. However, again, this is only necessary if the user wishes to include the limited functions, such as report generator, as listed above.

Installing Silverlight

In order to install Uniconta, users first need to install Microsoft Silverlight. This is a free and secure expansion tool created by Microsoft.

Download Silverlight using the following link:


Select ’Click to Install’ to install the file.

Next install Silverlight, just like any other program. (The file can be located in the user’s ‘Downloads’ folder using the finder.)

Installing Uniconta 

Next, go to our downloads page to install Uniconta: www.uniconta.com/da/downloads.

Select the category ’Uniconta for Mac’. Click on the file to download it automatically.

The program will now install.

Your Mac may have a security setting that requires you to find the file in the Finder, right click on it and select ‘Open’.

Note that Uniconta version updates will occur automatically.

Recommended Mac hardware

We recommend a Mac with at least 8 GB ram that runs on a recent version of macOS. We do not recommend the use of demo versions of macOS.