Become a Univisor

BECOME A UNIVISOR | Apply for becoming a Univisor

How do I become a Univisor?

Univisor is our overall concept for companies such as accountants and bookkeepers who perform financial tasks for other companies. In order to use this term and gain access to the benefits provided, it requires a Univisor agreement with Uniconta.

If you already have a customer who wants to use your business to perform financial tasks in Uniconta, please send an email to 〈WRITE CONTACT PERSON NAME〉 at 〈WRITE EMAIL OF CONTACT PERSON, stating the customer’s name and Uniconta ID. It is required that your company has a Univisor agreement.

If you wish to use Uniconta for client / accountancy or own accountancy, you must also be created as a Univisor.

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