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ABOUT US | Uniconta was founded by Software Engineer Erik Damgaard

Uniconta was founded by Software Engineer Erik Damgaard. With thirty years experience in the development of globally recognized ERP systems including his flagship Axapta, he has established himself as one of the most reputed experts in his field.

In 2002, Microsoft acquired Erik’s software, which became a central part of the Microsoft product proposal for ERP and business applications.

When developing any software, one of Erik’s key goals is to achieve accessibility and simplicity for the end-user while maintaining the highest level of technological advancement as well as functionality in the business environment. As such, Uniconta is built on the basis of a system which comprises all the essential tools and core functionalities of an ERP solution within a modern and customizable Microsoft front- and back office environment.

The combination of such software development skills as well as a commercial understanding of system development and software architecture make Uniconta a revolutionary new business and ERP solution.

Uniconta South Africa

Uniconta South Africa has been formed to create a partner channel in South Africa and at the same time create product awareness. Uniconta has been developed by previous management in the Navision/Damgaard space. Eric Damgaard has 30 years development experience in ERP systems including Axapta. He has established himself as one of the most respected experts in his field. Taking the experience of the 70 plus people working under the Uniconta banner there is over 1000 years experience in the ERP space. The fundamental differential with Uniconta is speed, ease of use and price.

Once Uniconta is established in Southern Africa, management will then move to other African countries like Kenya and Uganda.


Keith Mullan


Keith has had years of experience in the ERP space from being an early customer of Navision software, to starting Navision in South Africa. Re- creating a channel in the SME space is really fun knowing that we are giving people opportunities and adding value to people’s lives. Start-ups are his forte having successfully started businesses in the UK as well as SA.

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Maria Mullan


Maria has been an ERP consultant for over 18 years giving her a full understanding of business requirements and processes. When Navision held certification exams at one time she had over 9 Navision certificates as well as a Maconomy certification. Maria is now spearheading the Uniconta consultancy in both the UK and SA, training implementation consultants in SA as well as end-user customers in the UK.

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