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UNICONTA is a cloud-based business management software package (known in the software sector as ERP).  In essence, it combines many paper-based business functions into integrated software workflows controlled and stored in Uniconta.  If you are using a combination of Sage, Xero or Quickbooks for accounting and Excel to run your operations, Uniconta will replace your many uncommunicative systems with an integrated solution.

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Uniconta Adaptability

Uniconta Plugin

Uniconta Plugin is an alternative way to develop smart new features for Uniconta. Instead of building a program, users simply build a DLL. This DLL can then be loaded by the Uniconta client and runs directly from Uniconta. Since Uniconta also uses the Uniconta API and the user is already logged in, the DLL uses the client’s current session.

Uniconta API

Uniconta API is a complete API that can be used to develop solutions and integrations for Uniconta. Users write a small program that will then log in and run the code. Our conversion program is a good example of such a solution as it allows users to run more advanced customizations. Our resellers can help you get started with a Uniconta API.

Global script

Any script created on the main menu’s control will also run when switching between companies. This means that the code is immediately activated upon entering Uniconta for each company.

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