PROJECT MANAGEMENT | Get an overview of your projects

Uniconta’s project module allows users to manage costs, revenue and hourly consumption on individual projects. Each time users create a new project, they can select the relevant templates to enter their customer data. This gives users a consistent view of customer data, all gathered in one place in the Project module, making it easy for them to manage their customer portfolios.

The project list

Upon creating a project, users can create the customer’s master data, which will be included in the project list. All values can be edited on each project, such as payment and delivery terms, modes of delivery, other sellers etc. The project can easily be inserted into a hierarchy of importance in the master project field. Projects can be created via templates, ensuring uniformity and inclusion of all required information.

Overview and management

The different activities or product types included in a project can be split into any given number of categories. These categories can then be grouped into sub-categories if required. These categories and sub categories then form the basis for statistical analysis on the project card, whereby users can follow the progress of a project. This information can also be viewed in Uniconta’s Dashboard.


Invoicing is performed in the customer module, which functions in a similar way to simple word processing. Lines can be entered with or without item numbers. Text can be up to 1,200 characters. Users can select which hours should be billed and which should not. It is always a good idea to keep track of the projects that a company is running. Uniconta’s Project module allows users to get an overview of costs, revenue and hourly consumption on each individual project. This results in a project management overview showing which projects are profitable and which projects are underperforming.

How do I invoice in the project module?

The Project module is fully integrated with the General Ledger, Customer, Vendor and Inventory modules. Invoicing is therefore performed from the Customer module. The Customer module features are similar to simple word processing so it is easy for users to determine which hours are billed and which are not.

Project features

  • Categories for revenue, costs and inventory items
  • Integration with inventory
  • Project budget lines include item numbers, employees, wage types and dimensions
  • Project budget lines show the contribution margin and contribution ratio for the line itself as well as for the entire budget
  • Account invoicing
  • Sales order invoicing for Project
  • ‘Quick Invoice’ for Project
  • Invoice entries from a project using ‘Quick Invoice’
  • Registration of item consumption, hours and costs on items, services and categories on employees and project
  • “Approved” and “Pending” available in the project journal
  • Recalculate prices in the project journal
  • Pay types for hours and references to pay
  • Integration by employee
  • Employee type option
  • Budget/Estimates
  • Edit posted project lines
  • Project consumption with budget/estimates
  • Sub-projects included in sum overview
  • “Phase” included on the project card
  • Change the project number on posted projects
  • Budget/Estimates
  • Cost
  • PivotTable included in Project module
  • Project quotations via sales
  • Project templates for standard rates and overtime
  • Free text field to enter reference numbers
  • In project transactions, invoices are negative
  • Project markup groups
  • Project journal
  • Item number on project invoice
  • Totals on the project list
  • Dimensions added to project transactions
  • Create an order from a project
  • Mass update in the project module
  • Allows the user to sort by ’All records’, ’Invoiced’ and ’Not yet invoiced’
  • Automatic aggregation
  • Adjustments that can be used upon invoicing, if an order is adjusted when it is transferred over from a project
  • Direct registration on projects
  • Everything in Uniconta can be integrated into pay types
  • Profit and loss by project
  • Integrated inventory management
  • Directly from posting to invoicing
  • Easy access to reports

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