Sales Orders

SALES ORDERS | Manage quotations and orders, manage shipments and perform invoicing

Uniconta’s sales order module can be used to manage quotations and orders, manage shipments and perform invoicing.

Quotations and sales orders are separated into two menu items in Uniconta, giving our user’s a better overview of outstanding quotes that might need following up on, together with an overview the sales orders themselves.

Mass updates

Standing or fixed orders can invoiced in one mass update. Users are able to add order lines to existing orders on an ongoing basis, via the order journal. Invoices also can be resent and reprinted.


Uniconta includes subscription management, allowing users to ensure that monthly invoices are always sent on time. Subscriptions can, of course, be invoiced using the mass update feature.

Foreign currency

Users who trade with foreign vendors need to create purchase orders and make payments, etc. in the foreign currency. Uniconta allows users to create transactions in the local or a foreign currency. Users can also select whether to update exchange rates manually or automatically.

Uniconta’s sales order management make it easy to convert quotes to sales orders quickly and easily.

Users can send quotations, packing slips, and order confirmations by e-mail, and even customize the e-mail greetings, depending on the type of document.

Sales Order Features

Master data – Sales order header

  • Order groups to manage order inventory – standing orders and fixed orders
  • Fixed orders, for example, subscriptions and service agreements
  • Attach documents which can be printed together with the standard forms e.g. drawings, installation instructions, quality documentation and pictures
  • Reference fields – their ref., our ref., quotation, purchase order, customs number
  • Order comment – internal description on the order
  • Delivery address – select from several addresses that have been created on the customer card
  • Create a purchase order based on a sales order
  • Order overview with contribution margin per order and total for all orders
  • View sales order data in different layouts
  • Enter an employee on the order
  • Create an order from a quotation and save the quotation
  • Due date on an order

Master data – Sales order lines

  • Quick search by inventory item number and item text
  • Advanced search with lookup in the inventory item cards by group, brand and category
  • Quick entry of several inventory items at once, specifying quantity – show selected items before copying to the order line
  • Create a note on the inventory item line or use the text field for notes
  • New line starts automatically upon entering long texts – all text is then included on the forms
  • Entering an item number is optional – the revenue account can also be selected directly on the item line
  • Create templates – automatically inserts text and inventory item lines from the template
  • Mark inventory item lines to purchase lines and inventory transactions
  • Provides contribution margin and ratio on the inventory item line and sales price is calculated from cost price
  • Specify whether the item line can be invoiced
  • Manage backorders on the inventory item lines (partial deliveries)
  • Insert subtotals on item lines
  • Insert multiple fields from the inventory item cards for example: EAN number
  • Include employees on the inventory item line
  • Enter sales tax on the item line if the selected item is free of VAT
  • Print e-mail quotations, order confirmations, packing slips, and picking lists
  • Invoice items received – enter a check mark upon invoicing to indicate invoicing should only occur for delivered items
  • Allows users to enter variants 1 and 2 on sales and purchase orders


  • Invoice archive – create new orders based on previous invoices
  • Packing slip archive – view and reprint packing slips
  • Order lines – follow up on recurring orders
  • Quotation lines – follow up on quotations
  • Send to printer, export to Microsoft Excel and Word, export to CSV files


  • Quotations, order confirmations, picking lists, packing slips, invoices, pro forma invoices, credit memos

Updates – new fields, new lists, new function buttons, new reports

  • Our ‘Tools’ module is included in the standard basic subscription to Uniconta
  • New sales order fields
  • New reports added to the list of standard reports

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