VENDOR | Information about vendors

Regardless of a company’s size and industry, companies need to store information about each of their vendors. Uniconta stores all master vendor information in the vendor list, so users can have clear overview of all vendor data.

Uniconta provides full currency management for foreign vendors. Exchange rates can either be updated automatically or users can select a fixed rate.

Sending via e-mail

Instead of sending out documents by letter, documents can be send via e-mail directly from Uniconta. This saves both time and money for printing and envelopes as well as postage.

All Bank formats

Payment information can be set up for each vendor. Payment proposals can then be created in Uniconta and sent to the bank. All types of bank formats can be handled including bank transfers, foreign payments and the following Danish payment types: 71, 73, 75 and 04.

Payment ID

Payment ID functionality is built into Uniconta, so that users only need to enter the purchase invoice numbers instead of spending time entering long payment IDs.

Mass Updates

Uniconta provides unique mass update functionality for purchases, saving time and optimizing workflow.

National company number lookup [Europe]

When a national company number is entered for a new vendor, Uniconta automatically looks up the vendor in the national company register and completes the other fields for the user, such as name and address.

UBL [Europe]

Uniconta can import electronic UBL files received from vendors. The UBL file information is uploaded to the purchase invoice and processed from there.

Vendor functions

Master data

  • Manual allocation of account numbers or automatic allocation via number sequences by vendor group
  • Set up vendors using the national company register – Scandinavia and the EU
  • Four fields available for the company name and address as well as postal code look up
  • Vendor groups available for accounting set up – statistical view/print filters are also available
  • VAT management (including reverse VAT) for Danish users – other countries coming soon
  • Vendor currency management
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Vendor e-mail addresses: Requisitions can be sent via e-mail once the e-mail address is entered
  • Attach notes and documents and send to vendors, for example, contacts etc. – PDF-files, Office documents, picture files and e-mail files can be attached
  • An editing page is available for editing several vendors at once
  • Set up new vendors using Microsoft Excel and Uniconta’s clipboard
  • Advanced filter functions are available for searching the vendor list
  • View vendor data using different layouts
  • Change account numbers directly on the vendor list
  • Aggregate account numbers e.g. if a vendor has been set up twice
  • Create payment methods – multiple bank accounts can be set up
  • Account proposals for vendors are only available for invoicing
  • Simulation in Vendor balance lists
  • Vendor misc. purchase charges

Purchase Invoices

  • Create purchase invoices to include a line for each inventory item – with or without item numbers
  • Allows users enter expense accounts directly on the inventory item line
  • Uniconta automatically adds a new line when long texts are entered – the entire text is then shown on the document
  • Create purchase invoices and pro forma invoices
  • Attach documents


  • Inventory item/vendor statistics shown directly by the vendor
  • Inventory item statistics by vendor showing which items have been purchased from the vendor
  • Invoice archive – posted purchase invoices including lines for each inventory item
  • Transactions by vendor – statements, transaction lists, open transactions, list of balances
  • Uniconta Pivot-table for statistical analysis
  • Payment proposals – create payment files for the bank and payments are transferred to the general ledger
  • Print documents, export to Microsoft Excel and Word, export to a CSV-file


  • Purchase Invoices

Updates – new fields, new lists, new function buttons, new reports

  • Uniconta standard tool box included
  • New vendor fields
  • New reports available, for users who require more than the standard Uniconta reports

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